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February 2012

Puzzler Foraging Blocks are well, Fantastic!

I received a package from Kris Porter a couple of weeks ago. Kris Porter is a whiz at creating foraging toys and  has a wonderful website called Parrot Enrichment. Kris is also very well known for her Parrot Enrichment Activity... Continue Reading →

Our Lady of Anointed Amazons

They have their own Facebook page!: Flippin It's been said that one should never discuss religion or politics. This is probably a prudent thing to do and easy to accomplish unless you happen to live in a convent or you're... Continue Reading →

Laughing All The Way

I found this little dude at: Sodahead At times we are faced with many challenges. Having birds in your life is an acquired taste. And if you are like most bird people, we have the "Lays Potato Chip" taste in... Continue Reading →

The “Dr. Phil Game”

Photo courtesy of Kent Hammit...this guy took the best photo of me...ever. As you can imagine, Parker has his own way of looking at the world. He's fairly strong-willed and he's pretty damned clear about the way he wants the... Continue Reading →

Making History As We Go Along

I've written about "The Tribe" before, or as I tend to call it, "The Parrot Nation." Thomas Friedman wrote about it in his book, The World is Flat, essentially making the point that the world is evolving into a level playing... Continue Reading →

Win; Place; Show

Last April at the Midwest Bird Expo in the Chicago area, I was asked to give a presentation on "Chop." I got some friends together to help me. "The Chopettes," as they called themselves, made an enormous batch of Chop... Continue Reading →

Field Trip

Like other living things, my Greys like getting out and about. And of course anytime I get them out the door it’s a huge deal. Three carriers. Their backpack with wet-wipes, toys, snacks, treats, water bottle and extra newspaper. When... Continue Reading →

“It’s a Zip-Loc Life”

I don't know why this occurred to me, but it did. I was thinking about zip-loc bags and the integral part of they play in storing Chop. This innocent little sandwich bag has become a big part of my life.... Continue Reading →

A New “Photo-Toon”: Chop and the Flock

It's Tuesday, a slumpy, rainy day here in Florida and time for another "Photo-Toon:

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