Like other living things, my Greys like getting out and about. And of course anytime I get them out the door it’s a huge deal. Three carriers. Their backpack with wet-wipes, toys, snacks, treats, water bottle and extra newspaper.

When I take them up to Port St. Lucie to visit my friends Lynn and Darryl, I swear to God the birds have more crap than I do. The entire back end of my SUV is full of their crap and I’ve got one roll aboard suitcase with a pair of jeans, a couple of T-shirts, my underwear, and bathroom stuff in it.

I was compiling a list of all the junk I’d need in case of a major hurricane forecast and all the stuff I’d be taking with me. It was scary. Between the cooler for all of the food, the bowls, toys, carriers, T-stands, snacks, cleaners, newspaper, paper towels, and other assorted jazz, just to tool up I95 and out of harm’s way, I estimated that there’d barely be enough room for me. And of course there’s that nagging little issue about where in the hell I’d stay with three birds in tow. Motel 6? Do they take birds?

Traveling with Tango and Porter…with a Cockatoo in my lap.

I suppose it’s not unlike traveling with a toddler. All that crap in a diaper bag just to go to the grocery store.

It’s a pain in the keester to travel with your birds. I know, I’ve done it. But let me tell you, it’s a lot of fun and it’s really enriching for them. Parker always seems to perk up and get excited about it, whistling Bridge on the River Kwai while I’m trying to listen to Bill Bryson’s book, A Short History of Nearly Everything yet again in hopes I’ll totally comprehend it, or bopping to an Al Green tune.

Sunset Leaving Haiti

I once drove down to Key West when I just had Parker and we visited my friend Lance who was a Boat Captain down there and was living on a nice little fishing boat. So we stayed with him.

The drive down was interesting because the truck drivers would go to pass me, spot Parker in his carry cage in the front seat and then just drive next to me to get a closer look. That got a little dicey…

Parker went everywhere with us and we had a nice time. People went crazy over Parky and he spent a considerable amount of time posing with Italian tourists . One local couldn’t believe I was dragging my bird around with me and he was so inspired, he ran home to get his pet iguana to show me. He was about two feet long and had a pink leash. The iguana didn’t seem to be particularly impressed with us.

One of the ancillary benefits is the fact that if you get your birds out and about on occasion, they aren’t left with the impression that the only time they get out is when you’re taking them to the groomer or the Vet.

They’ve all been out enough doing school presentations and just going to the pub, so it’s no sweat to them no matter where they go.

The only one sweating is me, worrying that Parker is finally going to get to that seatbelt and maul the hell out of it.