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March 2012

The One With the Rooster

A lot has been going on. I'm still in Charleston after one hell of a day making a load of Chop for Bird Lovers Only Rescue and the Parrot Posse. It took a day of shopping for the Chop ingredients... Continue Reading →

Juanita Gets Tough About Quinoa

Juanita wants to make sure every batch of her Chop has plenty of quinoa in it. Don't mess with Juanita on this point...

Charleston Chop

I flew on Saturday fully expecting to be leaving on Sunday afternoon for Charleston and all that was on my mind was making nachos for the crew on the flight to Port Au Prince, Haiti. I took some photos and... Continue Reading →

Rockin’ Chop in Charleston

Not my carry-ons... I have next week off. Not that I didn't pay for it with a mind-bending schedule of flying one hell of a lot in order to align these days off. It was just a lot of trip-trading... Continue Reading →

Juanita the Critic

Juanita seems to be in a good mood these days. A nice change. But I don't know whether I should be flattered or insulted...

The History of My Hair and Other Battles

Sometimes I wish I had one of those dials in my back where I could shorten or lengthen my hair by twisting it, like some of those Barbie dolls had in the late 60's. My hair just seems to grow... Continue Reading →

Juanita Rejoices! Juanita’s Top Tips for Chop

Juanita is thrilled! A friend brought wheatgrass to her Chop Party. (Thanks to the Bloggess!)

I Want Waders

First Class Lavatory of a 737...looks just like the coach lavatory. People sometimes wonder why I can casually wipe parrot poop off of the back of my T-shirt with a napkin and go on typing. "Ewww! How can you stand... Continue Reading →

Juanita in Crisis

Juanita is distressed. Such a crisis!

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