Photo courtesy of Foster Parrots Ltd.

Marc Johnson heads up Foster Parrots, an adoption, education, sanctuary and rescue organization located in Rockland, Massachusetts. I’ve known about Foster Parrots for years, but I didn’t meet Marc until about two years ago. Marc and Foster Parrots were featured in a PBS show, “Scientific Frontiers” with Alan Alda in 2002. You can see that clip from “Pet Tech,” here:

Since then, he has been extremely generous in rendering opinions, supplying me with quotes for articles and occasionally commenting here at the blog.

One of the birds at Foster Parrots- Photo courtesy of Foster Parrots Ltd.

In the past, I have done an interview of a sort with people in the industry in a format that is a diversion from your usual direct question format. Rather than ask people a direct question, I simply ask them to “finish the sentence.” I send them the first few words of a statement and it’s up to the individual to finish it anyway they like.

This gives the interviewee great leeway as to what they want to say. Here is Irena Schulz’s “Finish the Sentence Interview.”

A “Dynamic Duo” at Foster Parrots- Photo courtesy of Foster Parrots Ltd.

It looks easy, but it’s not. Jacqueline Johnson who heads up the Best Friends Parrot Garden wrote to me after finishing her “Finish the Sentence” interview, “That was not easy to do. It’s much harder than you would think it would be!” Here is Jacque Johnson’s Interview.

So suffice it to say, I’m always pleased when these come back as well written as they are because it’s not a walk in the park. Anyway, here is Marc’s version of “Finish the Sentence:”


1.) I never thought… I would find a cause that would not allow me to turn away or just let someone else handle.

Pearl, a Foster Parrots Amazon- Photo courtesy of Foster Parrots Ltd.

2.) Most days at work… I wish I could do more for the parrots in our care and I guess I will not ever be truly happy although I am proud of what we have done at Foster Parrots.

3.) My best ideas… involve a tropical island. Seriously, (and not wishing to sound too big headed about this one) I think we have been so far ahead of the “curve” on many issues concerning parrots that my best ideas were not taken seriously.

4.) What I’d like to see… seems to be happening a little at a time, much more slowly than I would have liked but I do see a general acceptance of things like NOT selling unweaned baby parrots, strict adoption rules and a general public that understands the complexity and intelligence issues that make keeping parrots difficult at best, perhaps cruel at worst

5.) The most interesting… thing I have done is the Guyana project. Once a year I get to go to the rainforests of Guyana and although it has been a difficult road (one that I could never have imagined) it has been the fulfillment of every child’s dream….

Photo courtesy of Foster Parrots Ltd.

6.) If I had the opportunity to be on David Letterman… I would present the top ten reasons NOT to have a parrot as a pet… #10. You should get a parrot if you enjoy having surgery performed on your face at home…(me… three times!)

7.) When I meet… really smart people I know you don’t have to be a doctor to understand what really matters on this earth.

8.) It’s all about… not having any regrets… I have a few… but then again, too few to mention?

Henry and Oliver : Photo courtesy of Foster Parrots Ltd.

9.) Sometimes your gut tells you… really stupid things. I have learned to analyze the hell out of everything I do….

10.) I’ve never regretted… the course the last 20 years has taken me on but I am getting old and tired now.

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