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“Finish the Sentence” Interviews

Veteran African Grey Advocate, Shari Mirojnick “Finishes the Sentence”

Not Your Average "Parrot Person" Photo... Shari Mirojnick has kindly allowed me to add her to the group of people I've interviewed in a rather unusual fashion I call, "Finish the Sentence." I give the subject the beginning of ten... Continue Reading →

Marc Johnson of Foster Parrots Finishes the Sentence

Photo courtesy of Foster Parrots Ltd. Marc Johnson heads up Foster Parrots, an adoption, education, sanctuary and rescue organization located in Rockland, Massachusetts. I've known about Foster Parrots for years, but I didn't meet Marc until about two years ago.... Continue Reading →

Avian Trainer Sid Price Answers Some “Leading Questions”

Sid Price has graciously granted my “Leading Questions” interview and did a bang-up job. His answers are remarkably short, concise and I suppose, like Sid, to the point. Sid Price has a company called “Avian Ambassadors.” "Avian Ambassadors is a... Continue Reading →

Best Friends Parrot Garden Manager- It’s Jacqueline Johnson’s Turn

Jacque Johnson, Parrot Garden Manager at Best Friends I did a rather unusual interview with Bird Lovers Only Founder, Irena Schulz a few weeks ago. I sent her a series of phrases that were the beginning of a statement. All... Continue Reading →

Snowball’s “Mom” Finishes the Sentence-An Interview With Irena Schulz

Irena Schulz I wanted to write up an article about Irena Schulz of "Bird Lovers Only" Bird Rescue and home of Snowball the Dancing Cockatoo. But I know she has to do interviews and answer a myriad of questions about... Continue Reading →

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