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2013: “Ashes, Ashes, We All Fall Down”

I found this here: Ring We all played "Ring Around the Rosy" when we were kids. "Ring around the rosy, pocket full of posies, ashes, ashes, we all fall down." You can hear it here. However, until you know... Continue Reading →

Writing From the Trenches: Guest Blogger Bonnie Grafton

Life runs fast and mean in this town.                                                             -Hunter S.... Continue Reading →

Avian Origami

Let's get a closer look at this: I'll explain the "Paper Snowdrift" photo above, but here is the background story on Byron, the artist who created this: Byron is my newest foster. It's a long story that spans a decade.... Continue Reading →

A Favor and a Vote For Small Business

Rebecca needs to do a little upgrading! I'm not normally one to run around for this cause and that cause on Facebook. From what I have read, signing some bizarre petition to save the hissing cockroach doesn't do much.  But... Continue Reading →

Speaking to the Future: Part II

A while back, I asked some of my friends a question: "If they could speak to the aviculturists of the future, what piece of advice would they give them?" I got some interesting answers which I published here: Speaking to... Continue Reading →

The No Fly Zone

I  read an article sent to me by Sher Buckner from the Humane Society Website by writer Charles Bergman. Who is Charles Bergman? I had no idea so I Googled him. According to Charles Bergman, Charles Bergman is: ....a writer,... Continue Reading →

Speaking to the Future: Part 1

Speaking to the Future? Really? How do we do that?  Actually, I'm doing it now. And if you leave comments, you are too. Leaving a scratch on the world isn't as difficult as it you would think. At least it isn't... Continue Reading →

Kelly Moore Parsley and Her Own Personal, “Hotel California”

Kelly at lunch, looking a bit tired...and it was well deserved. Kelly Moore Parsley, along with Bonnie Grafton did some phenomonal work at the Parrot Garden. Unlike me, where I was doing general heavy cleaning and  long term scrubbing, Bonnie... Continue Reading →

Feels like Home

Even King O welcomed me back! (Photo by Janet Holt Hilton) When I got to Best Friends, it felt like I was coming back home. I'm so comfortable here and other than a few huge changes to the structures and... Continue Reading →

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