Rebecca needs to do a little upgrading!

I’m not normally one to run around for this cause and that cause on Facebook. From what I have read, signing some bizarre petition to save the hissing cockroach doesn’t do much.  But apparently this particular organization is helping small businesses, and that’s something I believe in and can get behind.

Here’s the deal: Rebecca Stockslager is a very cool lady. Very Cool. It’s hard to explain. She looks like one of those ladies in the movies that wears an apron and says “Land Sakes Alive!” 


See what I mean? Rebecca as “Julia Bird;” her take on Julia Child.

But do not let appearances fool you. Rebecca is one twisted sister…but in a good way. She is outspoken, firm in her beliefs and does one flying hell of a job helping parrots find new homes. She’s also funny as hell. She’s a good businesswoman and she has one of the most beautiful parrot supply stores I’ve ever seen. She knows her stuff. And she really is a lovely, lovely person.

If you don’t know precisely who she is, Rebecca Stockslager is the proprietor of Bonnie’s Birds in Port Charlotte, Florida. It’s a gorgeous parrot supply store and she has lots of birds. But they’re not for sale. Rebecca fosters these birds and helps place them in suitable homes for Florida Parrot Rescue.


Rebecca, along with Bonnie Grafton helped Janet Hilton and I raise over ten thousand dollars for Florida Parrot Rescue with the first Chopalooza. She helps FPR in so many ways as well as parrots and adoption and rescue in general. She and Bonnie were instrumental in helping get Scout, the Blue and Gold Macaw into a home after years of camping out on a perch in someone’s backyard. I wrote about it in the story, “The Good Scout.”  It could have been a tragedy but Bonnie and Rebecca were able to make the save and get Scout into a good home where she is happy and thriving.



Scout after her relinquishment from a really rough situation.

Now, with all that good work, good intentions, and tireless contribution, I think it’s time we give a little back to Rebecca. Here is what you can do:

Here is a link to a contest sponsored by a little company called Intuit. Intuit has some pretty cool products like Turbotax, Quicken and Quick Books. They are no slouches. What they are doing is sponsoring a contest for small businesses like Bonnie’s Birds and giving them a hand up. I like small businesses and I like supporting them. I think they should be the backbone of this country.

Bonnie’s Birds needs a new Point-Of-Sale System. In other words, it needs a cash register that simultaneously keeps track of the sale and the inventory simultaneously, which is not only a time saver, it’s pretty cool.


This would leave Rebecca with more time to spend working with the birds she is trying to place for Florida Parrot Rescue. I would like you to go and enter the link, and then click to vote for Bonnie’s Birds so she can get this point-of-sale system for her shop. You don’t have to register or fill out a form. It’s a simple click. Two seconds. That’s all we’re asking.

She’s not asking for a truck or a new building. She simply needs a new cash register.

This is the link:


I really want this to happen for Rebecca and Bonnie’s Birds. I believe in reinforcing something good. And what Rebecca at Bonne’s Birds does is absolutely outstanding. I can’t do it by myself. But with your help, your two seconds of effort, maybe we can get Rebecca her cash register. Won’t you please take a moment and vote for this?  For the link to vote for Rebecca at Bonnie’s Birds,  just click on the image of Noah playing ball:


Thank you so much for your vote. And please share this link with your friends so that we can make this wish come true. I thank you so much!