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The AFA Conference 2013

We do have fun! I'm headed out tomorrow on a ten a.m. flight for the AFA Conference and Expo in Raleigh Durham. Here's a link to their Event page at Facebook: AFA. They are changing things up a bit this... Continue Reading →

In Stitches

Sorry for my lengthy absence, but I had some medical issues. Nothing really serious, but it took me off the writing track for a while. I'm back now with an announcement that may not leave you in stitches, but it... Continue Reading →

A Favor and a Vote For Small Business

Rebecca needs to do a little upgrading! I'm not normally one to run around for this cause and that cause on Facebook. From what I have read, signing some bizarre petition to save the hissing cockroach doesn't do much.  But... Continue Reading →

Photo Contest at BIRDS USA!

The Bird Channel announced that the magazine BIRDS USA is having a photo contest. The two categories are: "Food Delight," and "Winging It."  For each category, they will award first, second and third prizes. The first-prize winner wins $150, second... Continue Reading →

Life With Parrots: Your Own Reality Show?

If you look at reality shows these days, it's enough to make you scream. The "Housewives" franchise, "Big Brother," which I've never seen, "The Rachel Zoe Project," which I saw five minutes of, "The Bachelor," "The Bachelorette," "Fear Factor," are... Continue Reading →

Results of the “Words I Hate” Contest

The skies were dark this week as I received entry after entry of horrible words that unfortunately were so great it about killed me.  I painfully agonized, debated various attributes and tried to keep my own prejudices against certain words... Continue Reading →

More Words I Hate (And a Contest!)

Original post titled, "Rant" is right HERE. I mean, really. “Musings” Blech! I guess some people don’t think. Instead, they “muse.”   “Stylings” This just pisses me off. It reminds me of someone trying to come up with a description... Continue Reading →

And We Have A Winner…Sort Of!

It's been a wild ride around here this week, and if you've been watching on Facebook, seen some of the news or talk shows this week, you might be aware I've been a little busy. I'll get to that in... Continue Reading →

Animal Superheroes and a Contest (Sponsored by The Alex Foundation!)

New Entries and new illustrations to the Animal Superheroes post compelled me to post this again at the "Top O' The Heap!" Enjoy all of the newest contributions! KRYPTO! Krypto is found at this fabulous site!: There have been quite... Continue Reading →

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