The Bird Channel announced that the magazine BIRDS USA is having a photo contest. The two categories are: “Food Delight,” and “Winging It.”  For each category, they will award first, second and third prizes. The first-prize winner wins $150, second place will receive $100 and third will win $75. The judges plan to honor certain entries with “Honorable Mention” status (no prizes awarded). Winning photos will be published in the 2013 edition of BIRDS USA. All entries must be postmarked no later than October 3, 2012.


I found ZZ Top Band Member, Dusty Hill Here: Cracked

Naturally, I’d like to see a whole load of messy beaks covered with Chop. And I know you have them because you’ve sent them to me! Yup, nothing like chasing your birds around trying to get a shot of their beak with enough Chop on it to make them look like a member of the Rock Band, ZZ Top.

Now a little Birdy told me that Chop Beaks would really fit the “bill” at the contest, so those of you with photos of your bird’s beak that resembles Dusty Hill’s formidable “Chop Cheeks,” please enter it into the Contest.

Here is the link with all the particulars and where to send your photos. You can send them both in hard copy by snail mail, or you can send them digitally. Either way, I encourage you to enter! Simply click on the BIRDS USA  Magazine for the contest highlights and rules: