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Photo Contest at BIRDS USA!

The Bird Channel announced that the magazine BIRDS USA is having a photo contest. The two categories are: "Food Delight," and "Winging It."  For each category, they will award first, second and third prizes. The first-prize winner wins $150, second... Continue Reading →

Puzzler Foraging Blocks are well, Fantastic!

I received a package from Kris Porter a couple of weeks ago. Kris Porter is a whiz at creating foraging toys and  has a wonderful website called Parrot Enrichment. Kris is also very well known for her Parrot Enrichment Activity... Continue Reading →

This Writer Needs to Write

See? I have the official "Writer's Shirt" and everything! Being a writer is not all skittles and beer. And not all of it involves sitting under an oak tree with a lovely Moleskine Journal and a fountain pen waxing poetic... Continue Reading →

Sweating Up a Haz Mat Suit

I went to interview Oscar again. It’s always a pleasure to go visit Oscar, but it’s a real pain in the keester having to do what I have to do after I visit her. Oscar is a lovely little cockatoo... Continue Reading →

Gateway Drug

Gate Way Drug: A drug (as alcohol or marijuana) whose use is thought to lead to the use of and dependence on a harder drug (as cocaine or heroin) You might say Parker was my “gateway drug” to the world... Continue Reading →

Wipe Up

I waited 20 years to make an impulse purchase. I got a parrot. I bring the little guy home. I almost passed out on the way home thinking that what I did was the biggest mistake of my life. But... Continue Reading →

“All You Have To Do Is Live”

"All you have to do is live." That's a quote by David Sedaris, one of my favorite authors. He was talking about being able to find material to write about. I happen to love his writing style and he inspires... Continue Reading →

A Little Blog Here, a Little Blog There…

I vaguely remember why I began this blog. I was going to go to the Cincinnati Zoo to work as a "Guest Keeper" and I was writing about working at a zoo for my book in progress called you-know-what. (Yes,... Continue Reading →

The Post Lady Sometimes Brings Gifts

Emma is my Postal Person who brings me the occasional letter, card, paycheck, BIRD TALK Magazine, and a plethora of junk mail. She also brings a pile of those local free papers. Because not everyone wants to read them, they... Continue Reading →

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