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Parrots are cool. They are also one hell of a lot of work.



SoCal Parrot: Making A Difference To Urban Wild Parrots

SoCal Parrot (SCP) is in their own words, “A Unique Urban Wild Parrot Rescue.” SoCal Parrot is the brainchild of Brooke Durham, who with her husband, Josh Bridwell founded SCP in 2011 after recognizing the need of the services SCP now... Continue Reading →

The No Fly Zone

I  read an article sent to me by Sher Buckner from the Humane Society Website by writer Charles Bergman. Who is Charles Bergman? I had no idea so I Googled him. According to Charles Bergman, Charles Bergman is: ....a writer,... Continue Reading →

Rising From the Rubble: Can Wings Over the Rainbow Return?

We still don't know what will happen to Wings Over the Rainbow Rescue. No details have been released and as far as I know, no decisions have been made. What has become very clear is that the supporters of WOTR... Continue Reading →

Marc Johnson of Foster Parrots Finishes the Sentence

Photo courtesy of Foster Parrots Ltd. Marc Johnson heads up Foster Parrots, an adoption, education, sanctuary and rescue organization located in Rockland, Massachusetts. I've known about Foster Parrots for years, but I didn't meet Marc until about two years ago.... Continue Reading →

Shari Mirojnick- A Member of the Parrot Nation

This is my friend Shari. Shari is an extraordinary individual in the field of birds. She has a plethora of Greys, (I guess a plethora in this case would be seven.) that she takes exquisite care of and is truly a... Continue Reading →

Outreach Education:

Here at Best Friends, sometimes it's not about what Best Friends can do. It's about what they can do for others. BF is very involved with educating other facilities in doing the best that they can to help animals. In... Continue Reading →

Meeting “Best Friends”

Do you remember that for the last two years I worked at the Cincinnati Zoo as a "Guest Keeper?" Well, that was all well and good and I had a blast, (I also worked my keester off...) but I have... Continue Reading →

My “Rock Star Moment” Meltdown

(Well, I thought it was a great shot...) The Houston Parrot Festival: What an amazing Festival! A great speaker line up, combined with an incredible array of products from some cutting edge vendors offering the best products made this year’s... Continue Reading →

Tiffins: The New “Black” in Portable Food Containers

I just got my new tiffins and man they are lookers! Purchased from "The Happy Tiffin," these tiffins are beautiful, functional and fun to use.  The blue tiffin on the top is a two-tier tiffin (5.0"L x 5.0"W x 4.8"H)... Continue Reading →

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