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Robin Shewokis

Gettin’ Jiggy With It

How can you be creative with your flock's diet? How can you change up your routine and keep things fresh not only for you, but for your birds? Robin Shewokis would call this enrichment.  My friend Melissa calls them "Condiments."... Continue Reading →

The AFA Conference 2013

We do have fun! I'm headed out tomorrow on a ten a.m. flight for the AFA Conference and Expo in Raleigh Durham. Here's a link to their Event page at Facebook: AFA. They are changing things up a bit this... Continue Reading →


Paula and Moi Catching Up at the AFA Where would be without it? In the bird world it seems that something is always going on and people have a tendency to disagree more than they agree. Sides are taken, opinions are... Continue Reading →

Heroes and Villains

Sometimes it’s hard to tell in this business. I think some of the heroes are the people who train and educate about training. Susan Friedman is a hero. Barbara Heidenreich is a hero. Robin Shewokis is a hero for spreading... Continue Reading →

Festivus…For the Rest of Us

I’m always up for a good party. I’m always up for learning something new. And if you know me I’m always up for seeing friends. The Houston Parrot Festival pretty much provides all of these. If you haven’t hit the... Continue Reading →

Trust Yourself

I’m all for education and enlightenment. I love it when I learn something new. Love it when I try something and it works. The first time I heard Robin Shewokis speak on enrichment, it made me think about what I... Continue Reading →

Christmas Hopes and Wishes

My friend Sandra's Niece with Parker I have many wishes, yet very few of them are for me. I like to think of wishes as hopes and dreams for the future. Many of these wishes I have are for my... Continue Reading →


Parker, eating bean mix. What else can we do? We try to keep our birds happy, well-fed, trained and healthy. Most of us work at it. We learn everything we can and try our best to provide a suitable environment... Continue Reading →

The Tribe

I’ve been thinking about the culture of aviculture. Not just about what it is that we do to keep birds in our homes and our lives, but how it affects us as a community. It is a specialized world, probably... Continue Reading →

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