IMG_5050We do have fun!

I’m headed out tomorrow on a ten a.m. flight for the AFA Conference and Expo in Raleigh Durham. Here’s a link to their Event page at Facebook: AFA.

They are changing things up a bit this year and I think it will be a great experience and opportunity for learning. Wednesday night, instead of the “President’s Gala,” there will be chaos ensuing with several events and competitions all going on at the same time. Along with the first-ever “Iron Chop  Competition,” Concetta Ferragamo and Jamie Whittaker and  Robin Shewokis are conducting a “Bling That Cage” competition. Here is the rundown on those events as well as a few other things going on Wednesday night.

954742_10151763190506357_79502193_nI’m hoping Robin wears her tiara while doing the judging:



It really is a fun time and seeing all of my friends from other events is always enjoyable. I get to catch up with people and talk face-to-face with them instead of simply seeing them online at Facebook and other internet gatherings. The exchange of information and ideas is going on every minute and it is so uplifting and engaging.

201675_3910021543182_596909136_oWe seriously have fun! Seriously…

It’s more than just educational. It’s a social event as well. And then, there’s always the shopping:

IMG_1368And you can get some shopping out of the way:


There are old friends:



New friends:


And the chance to see Jason Crean actually dressed up in a suit and tie:


And there’s always the opportunity to feel “Spixie…”:


Get your keester to Raleigh Durham. I promise you, it’ll be fun, educational and one hell of an experience. See you there!