Sorry for my lengthy absence, but I had some medical issues. Nothing really serious, but it took me off the writing track for a while. I’m back now with an announcement that may not leave you in stitches, but it is heart-warming and will also keep your toes warm on a cold night.




The Parrot Posse is a group at Facebook.  Here in part, is their mission in their own words:

“The Parrot Posse is a loosely organized group with one mission: to help parrots in trouble.In almost 20 years online, we have learned that by working together and combining small donations, we can make a big difference. In the past two years, The Parrot Posse has distributed more than $35,000 in food, cages, perches, bowls, and vet costs for parrost in need. That is literally thousands of pounds of food, thousands of toys, and life-saving medical care to thousands of birds, most of which have been seized from horrendous conditions and are being held by animal control agencies or shelters with little to no parrot experience.”

I was contacted by one of the members and asked to post about a very special raffle they are having. The item to be raffled off. It’s a quilt. A great big gorgeous, handmade quilt.



Now, I’m normally not too big on “Parrot Stuff.” I have real, live parrots parked in my living room and that’s enough for me. I get occasional parrot items as gifts, but I can’t wear parrots prints as I tend to disappear. So I don’t have a lot of parrot stuff in my house. But this thing is really beautiful! Here is the material to line the back:


This queen sized quilt is an original Diane McKinney design and the material to make it, thread, material, stuffing, etc. was donated buy an anonymous, very generous member of the Posse.




You can read more about this quilt and how to get raffle tickets here at “The Quilted Parrot.”  Tickets are ten dollars and there is a “donate” button to purchase your raffle tickets.  And while I don’t normally care much for “Parrot Stuff” I like the vintage, retro look of it. The material is bright without being loud and it’s exquisitely crafted. Here is a detail shot of the three Macaws in the middle:

575859_10200625612215095_1614683676_nI hope you purchase some raffle tickets to get a shot at this gorgeous quilt. I know I am. I may even keep it if I win it.