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March 2013

Guest Blogger: Phoebe Greene Linden Comments on “No Fly Zone”

Photo courtesy of Janet Holt Hilton When I was writing the post here at the blog titled, "The No Fly Zone," I did a little fact checking. I got in touch with Phoebe Greene Linden who was quoted in the... Continue Reading →

Picking on the “Mommy Blogs”- Again

Now here's a good Mom. Why? Because I find them absolutely hilarious. I don't even have to read the damned things, I just like reading the descriptions. I suppose it's a little like the opposite of subscribing to Playboy Magazine... Continue Reading →

The No Fly Zone

I ┬áread an article sent to me by Sher Buckner from the Humane Society Website by writer Charles Bergman. Who is Charles Bergman? I had no idea so I Googled him. According to Charles Bergman, Charles Bergman is: ....a writer,... Continue Reading →

Scandal Sheet

Su Gould strikes again! Su is the immensely talented editor of Snowball the Dancing Cockatoo's cartoon series on Facebook. Su is the overworked Chief of Staff to Snowball. Seems that hiring Buddy Palmetto took some of the load off, but... Continue Reading →


Yes, 500 posts. Not bad. It's actually 501 if you count the original, "Hello World" post put up automatically by WordPress. But I don't count that one because I didn't write it. So where have we been? What have we... Continue Reading →


I had to run to a big box Superstore to get some pellets. Don't like doing it much but the place isn't far and I was damned near out. I also picked up a few reasonably priced toys. I took... Continue Reading →

Another Day, Another Blog.

Nothing like a little competition. With myself. Yaaas, I am now a writer at Janet Bray's little blog at Birdbrain Gifts. It's called interestingly enough, "BirdBlog." "You need to write a blog!" Her tech guy said. "It'll be fun!" he... Continue Reading →

Grain Bake: So Easy, You’ll Wonder Why You Even Asked

You've been asking me how to make a Grain Bake. And I haven't answered you. Here is why: It's like asking someone how to put toothpaste onto a toothbrush. It's easy to do, but it's difficult to explain. It's always... Continue Reading →

Have You Joined the Parrot Nation?

It's a window clingy-thingy! Have you Joined the Parrot Nation? Well, have you? You asked for them and now they are available! And there's more! Over the years, I have been attending and or speaking at Expos, bird clubs, parrot... Continue Reading →

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