Chop window cling web

It’s a window clingy-thingy!

Have you Joined the Parrot Nation? Well, have you?

You asked for them and now they are available! And there’s more!

Over the years, I have been attending and or speaking at Expos, bird clubs, parrot societies, adoption organizations, or appearing at conventions or fund raisers. I’ve spent that time talking about Chop, teaching people how to make it or making “Chop” at fund raisers. It’s been fun! And it’s never been a problem figuring out what to wear because I created a uniform for the events. I always had a T-shirt on that said, “Got Chop?” People liked the shirt and wanted it.

Chop womens longsleeved shirt

Classic Long-sleeved Tee-Shirt Love this!

Just recently, I was able to arrange a very nice arrangement with Janet Bray of BirdBrain Gifts.” Janet took the bull by the horns and we started working. First of all was coming up with a logo. That was first and foremost. We accomplished that and I simply love it!

I had decided a while back that I wanted to take my blog independent. But I simply didn’t have the expertise, nor the technical ability to make it a self-hosted blog.

Chop cutting-board

Coming soon!

So Janet and and Emily Trimnal from Amazon Art & Design have teamed up and were kind enough to collaborate with me on several things including the website.

So in one fell swoop, I was able to rebrand Parrot Nation, make plans take my blog independent and design it, create a logo and design a line of products that declare your allegiance to the Nation we all belong to.

It all is being handled by one team so there is no problem with any incompatibility with design work, or conflict with formats or coding.

It just seemed to make sense and you know how much I love that. Janet’s team and I built the “Parrot Nation Chop Shop,” a small emporium located at her online store, BirdBrain Gifts. 

And this is the cool part. I remember when I played “store” when I was a kid. Well, now I get to do it again but this time, it’s a real store! We have a small but gutsy line of gear for you and we have things waiting in the wings to add to the line, so there will be more as the weeks go on. We have found some products that make sense.

Chop womens tee

Women’s Cut Tee…perfect for dressing up or down at the Bird Club party!

You’ll notice that the gear is black. Why yes! Yes it is! As I explain at the Parrot Nation Chop Shop:

Chop” is the “New Black” in feeding your birds a healthy and nutritious diet. We’ve been to many parrot events and rarely see black T shirts sporting the latest designs. You’ll be making a statement with your “Parrot Nation®” and “Chop” gear as well as spreading the word to others about the way you feed your parrots. 

This line of gear is perfect for traveling to volunteer, attending an expo, or hosting that Chop party you always wanted to throw. You can dress it up, or wear it as is because black is classic. And the best part? No stains. Just wash and go.

I’ve written about the Parrot Nation. It’s not just the name of my blog, it’s not just a state of mind. It’s a hope that this blog and logo is a way for people to express and display their feelings about how they wish to see the future of aviculture.

Chop standard tee

Classic Tee for anyone who likes a relaxed fit. Goes great with volunteering.

We have a long way to go in this field to try and get everyone on the same page. My wish for a summit to bring everyone together and work things out still stands. And eventually, I still hope that happens.

Chop Chop bumper sticker web

This sporty Bumper Sticker dresses up your wheels, your luggage or your bird carrier.

But in the meantime, until that happens, there always the PN gear. You can now “Get Your Chop On” in gear from the Parrot Nation Chop Shop!

I’ve tried to do a lot to raise funds and help out many of the parrot adoption and rescue organizations. I’ve volunteered, donated and done what I could to raise their visibility as well as cleaning a lot of cages and scrubbing some bathrooms along the way to do my part. I’ll continue to do that because I believe in the work. I believe in them.

But now when I do it, I’ll be looking a little classier in my PN gear while I’m scrubbing that toilet.


I hope you like the line, small as it is at the moment. As I said, we have more products to add as time goes on and I’ll let you know when those are added to the Chop Shop. We’ll also be holding contests here at the blog with the gear as prizes for the winners, so stay tuned and you could win your very own PN gear. Chop: Now it’s not just what’s for dinner. It’s a line of gear.