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February 2013

Speaking to the Future: Part 1

Speaking to the Future? Really? How do we do that?  Actually, I'm doing it now. And if you leave comments, you are too. Leaving a scratch on the world isn't as difficult as it you would think. At least it isn't... Continue Reading →

Panic Button

It seems as though panic has raised its persistent head again among those committed to feeding their birds a healthy, nutritiously sound diet. While I commend people for their concern, their research and their commitment, there's only so much I... Continue Reading →

Arizona Seed Crackers Chop Workshop: A Crackin’ Good Time!

The photo above was taken by Cherie Zamecki who kindly brought this photo in a frame to the Chop Workshop in Phoenix at the Arizona Seed Crackers Society, a local bird club. I arrived Friday night in Phoenix and had... Continue Reading →

A Blues Traveler Kind of Journey

Great Opportunities: Sometimes you get invited to the party... This blog has been kicking around for almost five years. Some of it is my thoughts and opinions. Some of it is essays, some is about the Chop Concept, and some... Continue Reading →

Life, The Universe And Social Media In General

Facebook: The New Water Cooler? For the world of Aviculture, social media and the internet in general has been a Godsend. There is more good information out there than ever before. As I have said before, the "Top Down" slide... Continue Reading →

It Is What It Is

My apologies for the slow progress of this blog lately. But there have been some issues that have prevented me from moving it forward. I had a death in the family which means I am now able to count the... Continue Reading →

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