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Parrots are cool. They are also one hell of a lot of work.


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Food Expiration Dates Aren’t Telling You What You Think

So many people seem to be getting very concerned about the quality of food they buy in grocery stores, supermarkets, big box stores as well as farmers markets. Many people now want their food GMO-free, organic and essentially untouched by... Continue Reading →

Coloring: The New Meditation

Coloring books for adults have become all the rage in the last year or so. As it turns out, there are some benefits to it. According to some mental health experts, coloring gives us the ability  and the freedom to switch... Continue Reading →

Another Day, Another Blog.

Nothing like a little competition. With myself. Yaaas, I am now a writer at Janet Bray's little blog at Birdbrain Gifts. It's called interestingly enough, "BirdBlog." "You need to write a blog!" Her tech guy said. "It'll be fun!" he... Continue Reading →

Have You Joined the Parrot Nation?

It's a window clingy-thingy! Have you Joined the Parrot Nation? Well, have you? You asked for them and now they are available! And there's more! Over the years, I have been attending and or speaking at Expos, bird clubs, parrot... Continue Reading →

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