Coloring books for adults have become all the rage in the last year or so. As it turns out, there are some benefits to it. According to some mental health experts, coloring gives us the ability  and the freedom to switch our brains away from other thoughts that might make us anxious and focus only on the task at hand: coloring, which helps  alleviate that anxiety. It can be very effective for people who aren’t particularly talented or able to be more creative in other expressions of art.

This detail-oriented form of creativity allows you to make decisions on choosing the colors which gives you a certain freedom of choosing a color. This activates the analytical side of the brain, while choosing how to mix and match the colors stimulates the creative side. But with the two sides of this activity working together, it uses both areas of the cerebral cortex. This  controls both vision as well as fine-tuning your fine motor skills and coordination.

So there you go. People also have begun coloring for yet another reason: It’s fun.

There are lots of free pages of coloring pages to download. But being interested in birds, I combed though many of them and have found the best bird-centric pages for you as well as for children who like to color.

If you like Hummingbirds, you’ll find lots of nicely detailed pages to download and color at this website.

This website has lots of penguins but there are many other types of birds as well: Geese, doves, falcons, turkeys and puffins to name just a few. Many of them are geared more toward children, but you might find some more detailed ones in the mix.

This page is a printable peacock.  He’s a handsome guy with a fairly interesting tail to color.

Cornell Lab of Ornithology has even gotten into the act and has many pages of birds to download and color. They will be releasing a coloring book at some time in the future and they have released these downloads. Here are all of them in a group, and the following are some particularly interesting individual downloads:

Cornell Lab’s Great Horned Owl.

Here is their Belted Kingfisher: 

And they have a really cool Ruby Throated Hummingbird to download and color.

But wait! Cornell has more for you. This is a collection of Birds Of Paradise.

There are lots of pages of birds on the internet to download. You just have to look around a bit.