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At times we are faced with many challenges. Having birds in your life is an acquired taste. And if you are like most bird people, we have the “Lays Potato Chip” taste in parrots: “Betcha can’t have just one!” With that comes a lot of work, training, reading and coping. Rather than bitch about how damned tough it is, or giving up my parrots like many, many people do, I have a tendency to make light of the situation and face the issues head on. And I tend to do it with humor.

My reasoning? Well, let’s just say that parrots are pretty funny anyway and you might as well laugh at it or go crazy. And that’s a big assumption there that we’re not all ’round the bend in the first place. I mean really, think about it, we’re all vacuuming like maniacs, cleaning up pounds of parrot poop, chasing wads of dander and feathers around just so our living spaces don’t look like freakin’ chicken coops. We’re washing floors and cleaning grates until our fingers bleed. This is lovingly called a “lifestyle choice.”

Why do we do it? We love having bird in our lives! We love it, dammit! We love our flipping’ birds so much we’re willing to do this on a regular basis, so get off my back, you sadist! *Sob!*

If we were nuns, people would refer to us in reverent voices and say in a hushed tone, “She got, The Calling.”

I tend to wonder what services at “The Church of the Consecrated Cockatoo” would be like. Or how about: “Our Lady of Perpetual Parakeets.”

Well, there’s always “Wings of Fury Pentecostal,” “Eclectus Epiphany Episcopal,” “Psittacine Celebration Church,” or “Godly Grey Global Worship.”

Due to this particular approach, I’ve devised a few ways of coping:

1. I make fun of my own situation.

2. I make fun of other people’s situations.

3. I bang my head on the wall a lot.

4. When all else fails, I vacuum. There’s no better way of clearing a bout of writer’s block than a nice go-around with the Dyson.

5. I then write snarky posts to get people to laugh at themselves and at my own particular dire straits. This has a tendency to make people feel better about coping with their birds and make them think that they are indeed semi-normal.

6. If you don’t understand that I am desperately on your side and trying to make you feel better about the huge responsibility you have taken on, then slap on a clown nose and realize that having birds is not all gloom and doom.

7. ย The way we have chosen to live tends to mystify most outsiders: “What the hell? You have birds in your house? And you let them wander around and they hang on your shoulder? ย Are you serious? What, are you a pirate or something?”

So there it stands. And if you begin to start taking you and your flock too seriously, you will begin losing one of the very things that most people get into having birds in the first place. The fact that it’s supposed to be fun. Enjoyable. And a positive part of our lives. Please. Don’t ever lose that.