Why am I such a freak about a good diet for birds? Well, let me explain something. You can take your bird to the Vet 90 times a year, but until you make sure their diet is healthy, no Vet is going to be able to do a thing. And it always comes down to the same thing, doesn’t it?

“What are you feeding your bird?”

Well? What are you feeding your bird? If you’re feeding it nothing but a seed mix, you’re down the road to Vet hell. Seriously, diet has a huge influence on a bird’s overall health. If you feed her crap, she’s not going to feel good, and I think we all know what a pain in the keester a cranky parrot is.

There’s tons of information out there. If you’re reading this blog, you are sitting in front of the best teaching tool ever invented. It’s your computer. Use it. Surf with it. Learn about why certain foods are good and others are not. Figure out which food is high in calcium, and vitamin A and begin feeding those items. Learn about why milk thistle seed is good for your birds. Learn why sunflower seeds are crappy. Learn! Learn! Learn!

It’s important. You need to know this stuff. In some of my posts, I’ve written about different food items I put in “Chop” and what makes them so good for your bird. I was thinking of doing individual posts talking about different food items and posting why they are so good for not only your birds but for you as well.

I’m not the “preachy” type when it comes to what a human chooses to eat, so you can take that with a grain of salt, but I do sometimes wince when I see what some people have in their shopping carts. Sometimes I don’t see any real food in those carts.

I was once shopping in the grocery store for a batch of “Chop” I was going to make the next day, and the guy behind me in the checkout line looked at what I had in my cart and said, “That is the healthiest cart of food I have ever seen anyone purchase! Wow!” The cart had stuff in it like quinoa, barley, flax seed, wild rice, rolled oats, brown rice and some greens. He was buying yogurt, muesli, bananas, and organic fruit of some kind, so I assume he was the “crunchy” type. I explained that I was using all of that stuff to feed my birds. I think I lost him there, but I appreciated the compliment all the same.

I swear to God, if I ate my own “Chop” I’d be a hell of a lot healthier than I already am. The stuff is that good. It’s not difficult to make and it’s so much easier to maintain this practice than pulling out a chopping board twice a day.