People occasionally ask me how they can get their parrots to eat something that’s  good for them when their parrots look at them as though they were serving them strychnine.

I always tell them the same thing. The answer lies in your refrigerator. It’s made by Wish Bone or any of the other salad dressing companies.

Yup. Salad dressing. Now I’m not saying it will work with everyone’s parrot, but it works on mine. Anytime my birds get that “up-your-bucket” look when it comes to their food, as they occasionally do, I take out the salad dressing and do a bit of a “schmear” onto their “Chop.”

I think parrots are just like us. We tend to like the rich stuff, the french fried stuff. I don’t know anyone who would pass up the jumbo shrimp at a free buffet unless they’re allergic to shellfish.

Who doesn’t like a nice, fresh doughnut? Who can pass up crab legs? Or lobster? Or really good french fries? This is all rich, not-so-good-for-you stuff. But we love it. Crave it. Gotta have it on occasion. Be as virtuous as you want, occasionally we all break down and stuff our faces with this kind of stuff.

My birds are the same way. And their diet is good but they occasionally get picky and cranky and want something other than their usual stuff. That little schmear of light blue cheese salad dressing from the back of a spoon onto their Chop isn’t going to kill them. It might get them to eat their dinner. And that’s the important thing. Don’t worry about it. If they’re eating the good stuff, that little bit of salad dressing isn’t going to do any damage every once in a while. Just like us, they need a bit of the sublime. And if you have them on a good diet in the first place, that little treat isn’t going to hurt them. And if you do it right, even salad can be fabulous.