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Parrots are cool. They are also one hell of a lot of work.


African Greys

An Overdue Review

I thought it would take off. I thought it would be massive. I thought it would be the next Marley and Me.  I was positive that Irene Pepperberg’s book, Alex and Me would be a smash hit putting the book... Continue Reading →

Shari Mirojnick- A Member of the Parrot Nation

This is my friend Shari. Shari is an extraordinary individual in the field of birds. She has a plethora of Greys, (I guess a plethora in this case would be seven.) that she takes exquisite care of and is truly a... Continue Reading →

With Greys, It’s What They See, Not What They Say

African Greys have a very lofty reputation. They are considered to be not only one of the best communicators in the animal kingdom, but one of the most intelligent. The majority of them either talk their little feathered noggins off... Continue Reading →

Chop. Shot By Shot

My friend Lisa and I shot a video demonstration of how to make "Chop." Many of my "Bleaders," (Blog Readers)  wanted more detail on the process, so here you go! I hope you get a kick out of it and... Continue Reading →

The Bart Henry “FaceBeak” Profile

There's been some interesting stuff going on at FaceBook: Birds who have their own Face Book Pages. I've seen quite a few of them and I am FB Friends with many of them. However, there is one little character I'm... Continue Reading →

A Little Blog Here, a Little Blog There…

I vaguely remember why I began this blog. I was going to go to the Cincinnati Zoo to work as a "Guest Keeper" and I was writing about working at a zoo for my book in progress called you-know-what. (Yes,... Continue Reading →

Shoveling Out

I live in Florida so I’m not referring to shoveling snow, nor am I the proud owner of a herd of cows that needs occasional upkeep. I have shoveled cow manure, but that’s another story. The precipitation we get is... Continue Reading →

Sometimes It Rains

Yesterday, I had a Flight to San Juan. I had to be at the airport at eight a.m. for a nine a.m. departure. Out to San Juan, sit for a couple of hours and come back. Land about five and... Continue Reading →

A New Decade in the Works

Wouldn't this look good on my car? Ten years ago, when the Millennium rolled around, I didn't have birds. My life was entirely different really. I was still on my first of the four total vacuum cleaners I've had since... Continue Reading →

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