My birds are travelers. They enjoy going on”walkabouts” around our home. Occasionally, I have to do a” beak count” to make sure I have them accounted for. I’d do a roll call, but Parker is stubborn and keeps mum if he’s out checking out the back forty.  Once in a while, one goes missing. I have a sudden, quiet anxiety attack, thinking of horrible circumstances: electric shocks, drownings, smothering etc. I do worry. But I don’t like to keep them locked up every minute and deny them a life.

Like children, they are going to wander and explore. I’ve “Parrot Proofed” the house pretty well, so there isn’t a whole lot they can get into that will cause them harm. I keep the toilet seats down for the most part, and I don’t leave any running circular saws lying around.  But nevertheless, I worry. Parker has developed the nimbleness of a Ninja when it comes to sneaking past me and I’m sorry to report, that Pepper is developing a sneaky nature as well.  But, I have learned where to look for them. Here is one of the first spots Parker discovered and I used to find him there often:

Parker usually gives his location away by pinging Mattie’s water bowl with his toenails.

Here is another spot I’ve occasionally found him:

I don’t know if he’s checking out the photos or what, but both Parker and Pepper like hanging out in the guest bath. I am at a loss as to why. Here is Pepper’s favorite spot in the guest bath:

I think she’s nesting back there. She gets very broody and does a lot of “clucking around.”

Parker is more of a wanderer than Pepper. Sometimes he just strolls around the living room:

But Parker’s all time favorite spot to go to when I’m not paying attention is here:

Sure, it doesn’t look like a big deal from this angle. But look at the entire scene:

I have absolutely no idea how he gets up there because I’ve never been able to catch him doing it.

Good God…