I found this fabulous ceramic thing as the Reading Terminal Market. I loved it. I wanted it. It was 189 dollars. I didn’t get it. But I named her “Tempest” just the same, as in “Tempest in a Teapot.”  I spent the day at the Reading Terminal Market because it was just so much fun. I’m on a layover in the middle of a four-day trip and the Market is right across the street from my Hotel.

If you know me, you know I love good food and I love to cook. So the Reading Market and I have been old pals for a while now. I took the opportunity to shoot a few photos. Like oh, I don’t know, 150 or so. I had a wonderful time and I got some great stuff for the rest of my trip. One of the things I got was some great butter; a 1/4 pound of “salted roll butter.”

It’ll go great with this:

I got a small loaf of bread; a “boule.” Third shelf, far right.

I also thought a bit of cheese would be good:

I like flavorful cheese, the stinkier the better, but I had to be thoughtful of my Crew and selected a nice gouda instead of some heinous blue cheese, or wild goat cheese that might make them want to ban me to the coach galley. That’s okay, I like gouda! I also got some apples. I love Cameo apples:

I would have loved to have gotten more items, but I have no fridge and I won’t be getting home for two days, so buying a lot of stuff would have been difficult at best. Like this:

This is a pork loin stuffed with, among other things, spinach, provolone and roasted peppers. I also didn’t get this:

I only have one stomach. But the eye candy was wonderful! Speaking of candy…

These are “Gummi Fried Eggs:”

I thought they were hilarious, and very different from real eggs:

More candy and some baked goods:

Being a writer, I’m not too thrilled about the spelling here, but I’m sure the product is delicious:

Under the lights, these cupcakes just throbbed with color. They’re alive!:

I think these look too good to be true:

Makes me want to go home and grease a bread pan:

This gives me a great idea for my next baking project:

Isn’t this a great song by James Taylor?The cutest little carrot cakes that ever tempted a bunny:

There was just so much to choose from:

It was difficult to make up my mind:

But I managed to select a few things.

And that’s all I can say about the baked goods. Okay, I lied, there’s a lot more to say about baked goods. But there were so many other things to see. Like this:

And this:

And this:

I was befuddled:I also noticed a pretzel theme going on:

Unusual “Regional” Stuff happening:

Is “Regular Souse” like getting “regularly soused?” And when is pudding made of meat? When it’s “pan pudding!”

But corned beef is universal:

I must say I did see some rather unusual things:

Like this:

anatomically correct chocolate heartThis was rather different:

But they were next to some white chocolate-covered pretzels.

And if you buy some bread, make toast and want to make it interesting, you can always get one of these things and call the “National Enquirer.” You’ll be famous and so will your toast:

I have many more photos and very little time left before I have to get packed for tomorrow. It’s getting late. So I will continue my observations of the Reading Terminal Market very soon. Thanks for flying by!