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April 2010

Letters From Maisy #7

Maisy had very long hair, so when it rained, it was "wet dog smell" for days! So I was cautious about getting her too wet unless she was getting a bath. Wheww, Doggies! But it wasn't so much the wet... Continue Reading →

Letters From Maisy #6

Maisy, Mattie and I were getting into the swing of things by now. When I got home from work, she pretty much expected to be picked up and was usually waiting in the living room for me. Maisy had already... Continue Reading →

Letters From Maisy #5

Little by little, Maisy got more comfortable with staying with Mattie, the birds and me in the afternoons and early evenings. She actually started plopping down on the rug with Mattie. Mattie didn't seem to mind the company, although she... Continue Reading →

Great Wolf Lodge…I’m Missing the Point

I recently stayed at the Great Wolf Lodge in Williamsburg, VA. I was there to be interviewed for an avian instructional video. I didn't choose to stay there, it just happened to be where the Mid-Atlantic States Avian Vet's Conference... Continue Reading →

Letters From Maisy #4

2.15.08 Dear Mom, My “paw-writing” is getting a little better don’t you think? Lady has been working with me on all kinds of things: like my paw writing, staying put at her side when we go downstairs, and not dumping... Continue Reading →

“Letters From Maisy” #3

At this point, I was taking Maisy as often as three days a week. She became an institution around the living room and made it a point to pick up and inhale all of the leftover parrot food the birds... Continue Reading →

“Letters From Maisy” #2

This is the #2 of the series, "Letters From Maisy." Maisy's character and voice continued to develop as I spent more time with her. When she first started staying with me a few days a week while Beverly was at... Continue Reading →

“Letters From Maisy”

This is Maisy. I had the privilege of looking after Maisy a few days a week for about a year before she passed away a year ago this past December. The post about her passing is here: "A Sad Day."... Continue Reading →

I Left My Heart in a Vat of Superglue

This is a feather pillow. What's different about this from your usual feather pillows is that this pillow has feathers on the outside. I made this pillow from donated molted feathers from my Bird Friends all over the country and... Continue Reading →

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