At this point, I was taking Maisy as often as three days a week. She became an institution around the living room and made it a point to pick up and inhale all of the leftover parrot food the birds tossed to the floor. She was actually quite handy to have around and made a huge dent in the actual heavy-duty vacuuming I had to do. You might have figured out that I am the “Lady” she is referring to. When Maisy discusses the “gift card,” it was gift cards to the grocery store Beverly would leave me for taking care of her. (I wouldn’t take cash from her.) I accepted the gift cards because at this point I was actually bidding my flight schedule around Maisy’s. But it all worked out for everyone and I wouldn’t have changed it for the world!


Dear Mom,

Well, the Lady was very surprised to see the wonderful gift card  I gave her.

It was a good thing because I got extra butt scratches out of the deal. She said the gift card was “too much” because I am not a “pain in the ass.” She says I am this really a wonderful creature and “so easy” yet she seemed very thankful…kind of like when I get butt scratches. I’ve learned you don’t look a gift “butt scratch” in the mouth. She’s worried that it’s too hard for me to give a gift of that much…I don’t have a job yet.

(I thought my job was to get butt scratches…)

We had a good day today. She came and got me right into my fourth nap. (About two p.m., my normal pick-up time.)  I pooped and peed, and then we went out again. Oh yeah! Then we went out again! It was a very “going out” kind of day. I didn’t mind…I like going out.

Mattie doesn’t seem too thrilled about all this going out business…she’d rather just pee on a pad and call it a day, but I like going out! Mattie is supposed to go out, and Lady says I am a good example.

I got to chew on a bone, and a cow ear, and then I got to go up in the Lady’s lap to get tummy scratches. Then I had to get down because I got hot. Her friend Bill came over and I sat pretty for him and got an “ear scratch”.

And then I cleaned and “hoovered” the carpeting after the birds were fed…MMMMM! Carrots! The Lady says thanks so much for the gift card. The Lady is devising ways spending it wisely. The Lady has decided the hell with the spending wisely, she’s going to go crazy and maybe get some great cheese, a new mop, and a toy for ME!

That’s all.

Well, Bye. Wake me when you get home…for a butt scratch.