This is the #2 of the series, “Letters From Maisy.” Maisy’s character and voice continued to develop as I spent more time with her. When she first started staying with me a few days a week while Beverly was at class, she was on a very high fiber diet which made her “elimination rate” go through the roof. We’re talking major league dumpage. It calmed down after a while but when it came to dropping a load, Maisy was an ace! Maisy in time, became quite used to Mattie, the birds and me and we all settled into a routine:


Dear Mom,

Today was a good day for grazing. The lady has these 2 birds that throw a lot of stuff. She doesn’t have to pull out the vacuum when I’m around. Am I allowed to eat little pieces of fresh carrot? I snagged a couple of organic seeds too. Well, seeds are roughage…it’ll probably go right through me….and they were organic.

The dump situation is not nearly what it was a week ago. I went out 3 times, but I wasn’t looking like I was getting thinner every time I went, so that was good…or not.

Lady has been tapping a lot on the computer and swearing at it. She talks to me and tells me she “writes.”  Seeing as I do not have opposable thumbs I don’t really care what she’s doing, but I do come strolling in when she calls “Maisy! Gets your Coach collar-wearin’-stylish rear-end in here!” I know I’ll at least get an ear scratch out of the deal. Maybe even a butt scratch. I love those.

I’m drinking fresh water and checking out the place a lot because there are a few items lying around that I like. Today I found a bone!

And that was my day. Lots of scratches, computer tapping, going out…coming back in…going out…coming back in. Checking the kitchen…trying to get into the trash can. “Maisy! No!”

I did learn a hand signal on when to get out of the kitchen. So that was good. I’m pretty comfy here. It’s kind of like going to day camp, so it’s working out. It rained today so my feet got wet and I stood out on the porch and got rained on for a bit. I didn’t mind…the door to the place was open. I just thought that was interesting, I guess.

I gotta go. It’s time to go out again.

Well that was my day.

See you later, and I’ll tell you about it if I’m awake.


P.S. If you find vegetables in my fur, it’s because the birds were eating and I got in the line of fire. Did you know they throw their food? Cool! It rained food!