This is Maisy. I had the privilege of looking after Maisy a few days a week for about a year before she passed away a year ago this past December. The post about her passing is here: A Sad Day.” During that time, I got to know this old girl and she was stately, funny, feisty and hilarious all at the same time. Maisy was my friend Beverly’s family for almost all of her adult life and it was an absolutely crushing blow when Maisy passed away. It about killed me and she wasn’t even my dog. But I had gotten to know her so well over the last year of her life that it was a very personal loss for me as well.

During that time, I would pick up Maisy from Beverly’s place downstairs about one in the afternoon, after flying to Haiti. I’d walk her and then bring her up to my place where she would stay until it was time for bed. I would then bring her back down about eight-thirty and head off to bed. Beverly was finishing her clinical work for her Master’s degree in Social Work after her full-time job and would return home from work and the various places she was doing her clinical work about nine.  So Maisy had the company of Mattie, me and the birds most of the day and Beverly at night and in the morning.  Being a writer, I thought it would be fun if Maisy left a letter for Beverly telling her about the events of the day. So every time Maisy went back home at night, she would leave a letter to her Mom telling her the events of that day. It was a great writing exercise for me. Even Beverly’s brother would occasionally call to hear Maisy’s “letter of the day.”

Just recently, I was going over a few of them and now that the pain of losing Maisy has subsided, I see them in a different light. They are a poignant and sometimes funny glimpse of Maisy’s life at the time through her eyes. I asked Beverly if it would be all right if I printed some of them here. I asked because they are letters to Beverly from Maisy and I just wanted to make sure it wouldn’t be too painful for her. I got quite the opposite reaction from Beverly. Beverly was delighted that I was reprinting the “Maisy Series.” She thought it would be a fitting tribute to Maisy and seemed happy to have me share them with you. The first few letters start out slow because I hadn’t worked out Maisy’s “Voice” yet, but as I got more familiar with Maisy and the character she became on paper, the letters got more fun. So here is the first note Maisy left her Mom:


Dear Mom,

Today was a good day. I took 3 craps, 5 pees and ate my food and pills in about 90 seconds. I “Hoovered” the parrot’s vegetables, walked around, rode in the car and into a Vet’s office without freaking out, and followed the nice Lady into the kitchen in hopes of more goodies. I didn’t luck out there; nothing else showed up except a “Greenie” but the grazing was great!

I did enjoy the butt scratches, ambient attention and I get along with that funny looking dog with the Mohawk. She seems nice. We walk well together. She’s slower than I am but I understand.

The Lady has me learning how to walk with her. I didn’t know I was supposed to do that, but if that’s what she wants, well fine then.

All in all, it was a good day. I was busy. I’ll tell you about it when I have more time.

Well, okay then. I’ve been looking forward to your coming home.


P.S.  I want more butt scratches.