Dear Mom,

My “paw-writing” is getting a little better don’t you think? Lady has been working with me on all kinds of things: like my paw writing, staying put at her side when we go downstairs, and not dumping over the trash can, no matter what. I’m getting pretty good at that.

Today we went outside. Lady picked me up at about 1 o’clock. (?) Well, it was after only my third nap so it was earlier than usual. Whatever…

And it was very exciting. I got to clean up after the birds! Again!  It hadn’t been done since they’d had treats so I got to go find the vegetables. This time I snagged broccoli. So now I have this very important job I have to do as soon as I get here. I feel very important and this is a big responsibility, so I try my bestest.

I also get to walk to Lady’s door on my own! This is very exciting too because when we get out of the elevator she turns me loose and I trot to her door. I know right where I’m s’posed to go! I glide right past where our door is on the other floor and go right where I’m s’posed to. Yup! I get high praise when I do this, so I do it right every time.

What does “food motivated” mean? Not that I get much other than dinner…same stuff…same 90 second romance with the food bowl.

And who is that guy that comes over and tells me how good I am and told me that I wasn’t s’posed to go in the food room when they make food? I get really good butt scratches from him. He’s like, all expert at it and stuff.

Found another bone. I jammed it up against a wall-like thing so I could chew better. Got another brushing. Got what Lady calls a “correction” from Mattie due to insistent butt-sniffing on my part. Made a note in my head and I won’t do that again, especially in the elevator. Mattie just let me know she didn’t like it. She was pretty clear, I got the picture. She just growled at me. So, it was no biggie.

I’m learning to just lie down and hang out. It works later on when I’m tuckered out after so much “exciting-ness”. I hang out next to Lady and keep an eye on her. You never know if she’s going to get up and go to the bathroom or move a parrot or something, so I have to watch her every minute. That’s another job I have…did I tell you? So between the lying down, the watching the food room, hoovering the floor and watching Lady so there are no problems, I have my paws full. I’m so important! No! I am! I had no idea before this how important I am.

So much to do! I do not have enough time to take care of everything that needs to be taken care of. I want a raise. I missed you, but it was a “nice” miss you. I just thought about you. I wasn’t upset or anything. I hope you are okay.

Well, bye.  See you when you get home.