Maisy had very long hair, so when it rained, it was “wet dog smell” for days! So I was cautious about getting her too wet unless she was getting a bath. Wheww, Doggies! But it wasn’t so much the wet dog smell as it was getting all of that long hair dry.

For the most part, Maisy didn’t nap too much when she was upstairs with me unless I was settled down and writing in my office. Then she would come in and settle by my feet. I’d kick off a shoe and rub her back with my toes which she seemed to enjoy for a little while until she felt she had to get up and “check the perimeter” again.  If I had time on my days off, I’d get Maisy early and bring her up because I enjoyed her company and it seemed fun for Mattie as well. Maisy would, at times simply stand and stare at me while she panted. It was a little unnerving trying to work on an article when a big black and white dog stood right in front of you and bore holes through you with her eyes. That’s when I began calling this game, “Laser Eyes.” I swore she did it on purpose. Maisy began getting used to getting let go at the elevator and running to the door of my condo on her own. This particular time, when I was taking her home, she got confused and sailed right past Beverly’s door and ran to the end condo where mine is located one floor above. I had to go bring her back so I could let her into her home.


Dear Mom,

Well, I got to go outside again. Once it even started raining when we were out there, but Lady and I got inside before I started smelling like what Lady called “Wet Dog”. Well, I don’t know what she expects. Jeeeez…..

Lady didn’t have to work today so I got to go up extra early. She even surprised me this morning because I wasn’t expecting her before my second nap…11:30 (?)

Lady had to go to the grocery store and she knew I was a “cheaty dog” and took a nap when she was gone because I was all groggy-like when she got home. I tried to fool her! Yeah!

I got extra-rambunctious I guess, when the birds were on a little T-stand in the office. They were eating a snack and it was rainin’ snack. So, I do what I do and started playing “tidy dog”. Well, you wouldn’t believe it but the birdy stand (with the birdies) went tail-over-teakettle. Yeah! But nothin’ got hurt and it wasn’t my fault and the birdies were fine and it was like a accident. So, no harm done. And it was kind of funny because when Lady went to pick up Parker, he said “Whoaaa!” I guess he thought it was very exciting! I just thought you should know there is still some puppy in me. Lady laughed her butt off actually… it was all parrots, paws and “whoahhhh!” Lady is still laughing because it was so funny. I got over it hours ago.

I found a bone today. It was extra good. I carried it around mostly, just to show who was  “boss of the bone.” That’s me! Yeah!

Lady found a quote today that she read to me. It said: “If my dreams will come true, bones will rain from the sky” Sure doesn’t rain bones around here, but it’s a parrot snack blizzard every 3 times a day.

I was very proud today. When I walk by myself to the door, my tail sticks straight up like a flag. I got confused last night on our home floor when Lady took me home, about 8:30. (?) After my final wrap-it-up pee, I sailed right passed right by our door and went to the end. She had to come get me. Then I knew it was bedtime. And that was good because I was tuckered out.

So anyway, it was another good day. After Lady went for groceries, I tried to “help” her with them because somebody needs to inspect what’s in those bags. So I got the “Maisy No!” action again.

I have also learned to lie quietly next to Lady and stare at her like I have lasers in my eyes when she is typing. Occasionally it works and I get a butt scratch. I have a new job! I call it “Pant-and-Stare…Pant-and-Stare”.

Mattie just rolls her eyes and looks for a new and novel place to nap.

So that was pretty much my day. It worked for everyone involved and Lady thinks I am a “Extra-Special Canine” (?) because I have the best and prettiest eyes. And she tells me so. Yeah! So I am proud and that makes my tail go up when I walk by myself.

So, Bye.

I’ll see you when you get home. Lady will probably take me out for a pit stop tomorrow even though you are working, just because she thinks I would like it.  I would…wouldn’t I?



Here’s that bone I carried around. See? SEE?