I occasionally went down and got Maisy when I had a day off even though Beverly was coming home at a normal hour.  Maisy seemed to like going out for a bit and Mattie seemed to enjoy having her round as well. I was flying a lot that month, about 105 hours and I had gotten behind on keeping up with my condo, my writing and getting everything done, so my friend Jean who runs a housecleaning business came over to help bail me out. I had an article and photos due for Bird Talk Magazine, a last-minute thing, so I was under the gun and Jean came to the rescue. I don’t often have help with my place, but my schedule was simply jammed and I had no choice. Jean happily took on the project and when she comes up on those occasions, she does such a thorough job it’s unbelievable. She even pulls out the fridge and the oven and gets behind there. This time Jean called in the reinforcements and had a friend helping her. Maisy seemed to like having other people around and was investigating all of the activity going on. Mattie couldn’t have cared less and gave everyone a bad look when they had to move her to clean where she was sleeping.


Dear Mom,

Well, it was totally unexpected and very exciting, but Lady came and got me today. And I got to go out! Yeah! I had fun. There were other Ladies there cleaning and it was very exciting because there was a lot of busy-ness. There was a lot going on. Lady was doing her usual typing-and-swearing…typing and swearing, and the Ladies were cleaning, and Mattie was doing some overtime napping. She would occasionally get up when the Ladies had to clean underneath her. If they weren’t doing that she wouldn’t have moved an inch I don’t think. So there was a lot to see and get into and the wind was good on the porch.

So I was very surprised and it was fun. I went out when Lady got me at about eleven…yup…pooped. And then we went out about 4:30…yup…pooped.

Oh! I found a bone! How novel! I got to walk by myself in both directions today on the catwalk. I was very full of myself. Lady had been up from way early so she took a 15 minute nap and I did too. Yeah! Today I got pelted by pieces of bird toy, so it wasn’t as much fun to graze. It didn’t hurt or anything, I just got a little dusty, but Lady brushed it off and now I am neat and clean right down to my toes.

What is with the bird flying down the hall? He flies practically right over my head but it doesn’t bother me. I s’pose I’d fly too if I could.

Lady found a quote and it was by a dog! Yeah! Okay so here it is:

“Yesterday I was a dog. Today I’m a dog. Tomorrow I’ll probably still be a dog. Sigh! There’s so little hope for advancement.” – Snoopy

Do I know him?

I like that because as far as I’m concerned, being who I am is the bestest thing in the world. I’m pretty good at it you know. I like being me. I’m very content.

I gave Lady the “Pant-and-Stare” thing again. I’m getting so good at it I did it lying down today. There was much breeziness today so I liked that. More breeziness means less panting, so it all evens out.

Okay so, bye. I’ll see you when you get home. Lady says it will be soon. I like that. Thank you. It will be good to see you and play a bit, even though I know you are tired. Love,