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June 2010

Press Release For Avian Encounters Trilogy Video Premiere

VIDEO PREMIERE FUNDRAISER FOR “SAVE OUR SEABIRDS” How the producer of the world’s first social media collaborative video plans to help save seabirds from the oil spill. MARCO ISLAND, FLORIDA  USA  JUNE  27, 2010 The massive oil spill in the... Continue Reading →

Slightly Sidetracked by Life

As you might have learned from my last post, I was working a flight from Haiti to Fort Lauderdale when a 22 year-old woman decided to give birth to a baby on board the aircraft. Well! While we are trained... Continue Reading →

Giving Birth to an Apology

I'm sorry about the lag time between posts but I've been a little busy: Last Friday, a woman decided to go into labor and have her baby on the flight I was working. Naturally this set me back a bit.... Continue Reading →

Flying Into the Side of Life

I wrote this piece last year as an entry into a writing contest that posed the question, "When did you first realize that you had become a grown-up?" Obviously it didn't win because if it had, you'd have known about... Continue Reading →

I Don’t Believe In “Starter Birds”

  (I wrote this essay for Deb White, Creator of the fabulous website: "Avian Enrichment." You can find this very large and really wonderful site here: Avian Enrichment. It's an absolutely wonderful website with lots to read and lots to... Continue Reading →

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