How the producer of the world’s first social media collaborative video plans to help save seabirds from the oil spill.


The massive oil spill in the Gulf is steadily creeping toward the West Coast of Florida and threatening coastal wildlife. Christina Giordano, dubbed the “The Bird Lady of Marco Island” by local newspaper, the “Marco Eagle” plans on doing something about it.

Giordano created a video trilogy titled “Avian Encounters” with a little help from 115 people all over the world. She plans on premiering the trilogy on August 28th at the Rookery Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve in Naples, Florida as a fundraiser for “Save Our Seabirds.” (S.O.S.)

“Save Our Seabirds.” located in Sarasota, Florida is a highly respected, 501c-3, not for profit organization that is recognized statewide for its efforts to rescue and rehabilitate hundreds of native and migratory birds each year.

Girodano’s trilogy showcases video and photographs of companion parrots, birds, and raptors sent to her from avian enthusiasts from places as far away as Japan, Romania and Switzerland. Edited in a music video format, Girodano’s video editing intercuts the submitted photos and clips using fades, dissolves and montages, gorgeous special effects and sweeping music with breathtaking results.

How did she get her hands on all of these images for the videos? Facebook. The “Avian Encounters Trilogy” appears to be the first video produced created entirely by a collaborative effort of members of a social media network. It seems that companion parrot families world-wide are lending a hand to help sea birds in the Gulf.

The “Avian Encounters Trilogy” premieres Saturday August 28th, at the Rookery Bay Reserve Environmental Learning Center in Naples, Florida. Admission is free. Monetary donations for “Save Our Seabirds will be accepted as well as donations of bottles of Dawn Dish Liquid used to wash oiled seabirds. Copies of the trilogy will be available for a 15.00 donation to “Save Our Seabirds.” Reception to follow at “Nacho Mama’s Restaurant.” on Marco Island.

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Rookery Bay Environmental Center

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