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Parrots are cool. They are also one hell of a lot of work.



The Petco Festival in Naples: A Flappin’ Good time!

  I was invited by the Naples, Florida Petco to join in the festivities and participate in their First Annual Pet Festival. It was a Fundraiser for the "Petco Foundation." According to their website: "In February, 1999, the PETCO Foundation... Continue Reading →

A Sad Day

I'm sorry to tell you that my canine friend, Maisy passed away yesterday. Maisy was the 14 year companion of my good friend and and neighbor Beverly. I am completely devastated, so I can't even imagine how Beverly feels. Beverly... Continue Reading →

It’s Brisk!

There's a cold front coming through. I had to wear a coat to take my dog Mattie out this morning. You might think this isn't a very big deal as it's now December. But I live just south of Fort... Continue Reading →


I've settled into a schedule after the first week of experiencing what it was like to work as a Keeper. Once I undid the kinks and got the fish smell out of my hair, I began buckling down to photograph... Continue Reading →

This is not a Table

So Beautiful! : No, I am not hand polishing a table top. This is "Lil' Joe", a Manatee I had the privilege of chatting with. Here's better look at more of Lil' Joe. It's extremely difficult to get all... Continue Reading →

It’s Just So Much!

The sheer volume of work at the Bird House is overwhelming if you stop long enough to think about it. And if something odd comes up, and you have to cope with that along with your normal routine, well, you... Continue Reading →

Amazing Face-Part Two

  A little appropriate background music from one of my favorite Groups:   Everyone loves Kermit the Tawny Frog Mouth Owl. But there are other Residents here that have their own claim to fame in the "Amazing Face" department.... Continue Reading →

I Didn’t Know There Was a Gift Shop in Antarctica

Apparently there is. How do you even apply for that job? And how in God's name would you explain it on your resume? And what do you do on your day off?  Working here has opened up my eyes to... Continue Reading →

And I Thought I Was Tired…

Meet Moe. Moe is a two-toed sloth who works in the Education Department. She is absolutely charming in a slow, quiet way. She was still in bed when I arrived but was kind enough to reach up to her friend... Continue Reading →

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