I’ve settled into a schedule after the first week of experiencing what it was like to work as a Keeper. Once I undid the kinks and got the fish smell out of my hair, I began buckling down to photograph and write what I saw. I became this wandering individual on 66 acres of land with so much to see and a lot of hills to go up and down. I wander around by myself and look at the details. I peek behind doors, through gates and over fences. I talk to strangers and listen to what people say. I wanted to see the underbelly, “working” side of the Zoo. I saw that, but I saw something else:


I saw feathers everywhere. In piles next to Swan Lake, lying along paths, stuck to plants, and being lifted into the air by the breeze.

Now perhaps I’m a bit “Pro-Bird”, but there are birds working everywhere on the property and they have left their mark all over the Zoo. Manhattan has their pigeons, but the Cincinnati Zoo has their own upscale, stylish version of a pigeon. When it comes to having wild, begging birds that give you a bad look and walk out of your way like the Manhattan Pigeon, this Zoo doesn’t screw around. May I introduce to you the Cincinnati Zoo Pigeon:

(Indulge me here. This is the weirdest thing I’ve seen on “You Tube” in a long time) :


These guys are everywhere. Hanging out in front of the restaurants, and out back of the Bird House; they are of course prevalent wherever there is food.

People, this is not the same bird. They are everywhere. At first I thought the little guy was following me around, and then showing up with his family for free handouts and then following me across the zoo to show up in front of the Stellar Eagles Exhibit.

But alas, no. There are Peacocks aplenty all over the Zoo. So the Cincinnati Zoo is among the few, the privileged and the proud that can claim to have the most beautiful, flamboyant and oversized “pigeon” population in the Land. Hats off to thee Cincinnati Zoo! You have the most gorgeous “Pigeons” in the world!