Parrot Nation

Parrots are cool. They are also one hell of a lot of work.



Can It Get Any Stickier?

As you can see, I've been a little busy. I do this every year, busily chasing feathers around my living room, gluing my fingers together and hoping to produce a few items for the Houston Parrot Festival. This scarf, made... Continue Reading →

The Parrot Festival: A Scarf-a-Palooza

I just got back from the Houston Parrot Festival put on by the NPRPF, which is the "National Parrot Rescue and Preservation Foundation"; a mouthful in and of itself. I got back on Monday and I'm still beat. It's a... Continue Reading →


I've settled into a schedule after the first week of experiencing what it was like to work as a Keeper. Once I undid the kinks and got the fish smell out of my hair, I began buckling down to photograph... Continue Reading →

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