Apparently there is. How do you even apply for that job? And how in God’s name would you explain it on your resume? And what do you do on your day off? 

Working here has opened up my eyes to a lot of things I don’t necessarily have the answers to yet. But I’ve made many observations that I have found interesting.


This is an Armadillo in his curled-up mode. I can’t decide if he looks like a cantaloupe or a Bocce ball. Someone else decided for me:









                   His name is “Bocce”.




This is a very old egg incubator. It is utilitarian, and yet the people who manufactured it managed to craft it so that it looks like a beautiful piece of furniture. I’d love to take it home and use it for making bread dough rise or store my socks or something. It still works perfectly.


This is a water fountain I saw near the Reptile House. It still works perfectly as well. It has a foot pedal and I thought it was simply beautiful. Incredibly sturdy, I have no idea when it was installed, but those water fountain people were not screwing around when they put this baby in!

This is Mike and one of his favorite residents at the Reptile House. Mike was kind enough to let me try “Cerulean” the Indigo Snake on for size to see if she worked well as a fashionable scarf. She not only accented my ensemble perfectly, she doesn’t need ironing. Mike loves the Reptiles and was very generous with his time. We talked about “Life, the Universe and Everything in General” and it was wonderful talking to the Reptile House Crew. And who took our photo?


   Hermit has worked here since forever. Here he is assisting Cerulean with some stubborn bits of skin she was having a tough time shedding. She seemed grateful. Nothing like being anthropomorphic first thing in the morning. The Reptile House is fascinating and it takes special people to appreciate these creatures. They aren’t really the most responsive, “huggy-bunny” animals, and most of them would just as soon take a chunk out of you as look at you if you so much as glance at them the wrong way. But Mike and Hermit appreciate them for what they are.

One of the things Mike and I talked about was music from the 60’s. This particular group came up.  Here you go, Mike!

If you find yourself in a new environment among new people and doing new things, take some time to look around. You never know what you might see and what kind of thoughts cross your mind. But it will certainly change your perspective on how you view the world and the things in it.