Meet Moe.

Moe is a two-toed sloth who works in the Education Department. She is absolutely charming in a slow, quiet way. She was still in bed when I arrived but was kind enough to reach up to her friend and Keeper, Amanda for her daily ride over to her indoor tree located in an absolutely gorgeous indoor garden.

Moe speaks volumes with her eyes and with a tip of her head. There’s not a lot to say about Moe except that she’s extremely relaxed and watching Moe move is not unlike watching a Lava Lamp. It’s a Zen experience. But her face is very appealing: 

Here is Moe assuming her daily post in her tree. It didn’t take her too long to climb up there where she spends her day in the basket on the upper right of the photo. Amanda then fetches her in the late afternoon where she goes back to her house. She has her evening meal and she can once again become a “Bucket O’ Sloth”.



Here’s a little music for Moe: