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Everyone loves Kermit the Tawny Frog Mouth Owl. But there are other Residents here that have their own claim to fame in the “Amazing Face” department.

This little guy here is at the Education Department and he was a little sleepy, probably after a pulling a hard night of being awake. But He is simply beautiful. If you click on the Photo, it will enlarge and you can see his chest feathers have little speckles on them. They are stunning.

Of course Duke is quite the looker. Here he was brushing up on his Vet training skills. His friend and Keeper has Duke open his mouth and let her touch all of his teeth. I was walking by Duke’s enclosure and said, “Hi Duke!” Duke looked, rushed off of his sunning rock and began looking around for who called him. I felt so bad that I had disturbed him!

This is Max and Blue. They were on their way to their job at the entrance of the Wings of the World Exhibit. Their outdoor job is to meet and greet Guests as they enter the exhibit house. Max is of course a Blue & Gold Macaw and Blue is a Blue-Throated Macaw. They get along well together and are stick trained, and quite nonchalant about going up the elevator and out to do their work.

This is Denise. Denise is a hard working pot-bellied pig out at the Children’s petting zoo area. She was a relinquishment from someone who got the bright idea to get a pot-bellied pig for their home. Once she reached “go cart” sized proportions, she was banished to the basement until the Cincinnati Zoo was called. Denise has a nice big yard and another pig for company. She is a delightful pig and nothing fazes her.

This is a goat. I happen to like goats because they have provided me with some of the most amazing cheese I’ve ever eaten. I also happen to like them because they always seem to be friendly little guys and will follow you anywhere for a nibble of kibble. They aren’t particularly rare or anything, but the kids just love them. I called this one “Nan”, because that’s what she sounded like she was saying, and one of my neighbors is named Nan. And of course you have that “nanny goat” thing going on as well…

And of course these guys are captivating. Every time I go into their enclosure and spend time with them, I am simply carried away by just how incredible these birds are. And every time I walk out, I just shake my head at how really amazing this entire experience has been. I would be remiss if I didn’t post this:

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