It’s true. There are days when I am overwhelmed and underpowered and I never think I’ll make it through. Then something strikes me as hilariously funny and I laugh until there are tears rolling down my face. The much needed, “I’m laughing so hard I’m going to pee in my pants laugh.” The one that screws up your mascara and renders you speechless. I never know where or when these are going to come. Sometimes they are the oddest things that strike me as absolutely hilarious. Bart Henry’s Mom and Dad did it for me yesterday with a photograph of their wedding cake from 1990:

Okay, settle down. I am posting this with the permission of Bart Henry and Bart’s Mom and Dad. But let’s look at this shall we? I had a tough day yesterday and am about to have a tougher week. I needed a laugh something fierce and this sent me right down the road to hysteria.

It’s not mean-spirited, it’s just funny. I mean really. What in God’s name were we thinking wearing the clothes we did in the 80’s? I remember wearing rainbow- striped toe socks with platform sandals in high school.  So there but for the Grace of God go I. This was high style in 1990 and it was “The cake to have” at a wedding at the time.  Remember, times and styles change. However, the best part of this entire scenario were the comments:

“Nobody has noticed the fountain yet.”

“Oh, I noticed it, Miss Tonya. That’s for Bully’s bath.”

“The egg thingy at the top was the least tacky bit. Dad’s aunt MADE that from an ostrich egg. It was one of the things she did.”

 “Is that a fountain of blood under there or what? Is it streaming red stuff?”

“A small electric train running around it would have been GREAT!”

“OMG! I just snorted TJ’s licorice out my nose!! That’s HILARIOUS, Jose!! Peeps and a train…wait…a train CARRYING Peeps!!!”

“With a giant M&M engineer.”

 “I had to read all the comments and I can’t stop laughing !! I will never forget this cake, ever !!!”

 “I hope you all truly appreciate what I have done for you here today. *SNORT*…so much for a Sunday afternoon.”

 “I am crying here! This is hideously wonderful!”

“Indeed it is. I’ve no idea what ANYONE was thinking.”

“You have our undying appreciation… or maybe make that our dying appreciation- dying laughing!”

 “I’ve never seen a wedding cake with so many people! It’s like that TV show Sister-Wives!”

“At the bottom of each flight of stairs, there’s a PILE OF stuff. It’s hard to tell what the pile of stuff actually is. Oh…yes!! It’s the remains of another bridesmaid, in a heap and severely injured! Did anyone bother to call 911?

 “In defense of my humans, it was 1990 and they were really young.”


Some of my friends at Facebook simply make me fall down laughing. And yesterday I needed to laugh something fierce.

Bart Henry, Bully Buffett and their gang of friends have done it again for me and I thank them from the bottom of my heart!