Graphic Artist Su Gould created this Snowball cartoon and I simply had to post it here. How often does one become associated with Snowball and Oprah in a cartoon due to a snarky, potty-mouth quote? Well, once as far as I know. This cartoon had to do with the release of Sy Montgomery’s latest book about my friend Irena Schulz’s bird, Snowball the Dancing Cockatoo. It’s a children’s book and you can find it here: Snowball the Dancing Cockatoo 

The quote came from a recent post about my feelings about people who have cockatoos. I think they are saints. I think cockatoo people are the most patient, tolerant and incredible people in the world. I could not have a cockatoo. Couldn’t do it. Why? I simply know better. I would be a withered pile of raw nerves piled into a weeping mess within a week. I wish more people knew themselves as well as I do when it comes to cockatoos. Greys? I’m good. Finches? No problem. But I am simply not cut out of cockatoos or quakers. Well, at least I won’t ever be giving one up.

Read the cartoon. Then read this post so you understand how I explained my inadequacies regarding cockatoos: The No Fly Zone.  Don’t get me wrong. I love cockatoos. They are gorgeous, fun, smart and charming. However, just a like a Grandmother, I prefer to play with them, spoil them, give them treats and then hand them back to Mom.