Picture from “Adweek”

I have a dirty little secret. Well. It isn’t dirty; rather it’s a very clean secret.

Now you all know that I’m the thrifty sort. I come from a long line of toothpaste tube squeezers, “Use the Celery Tops in Soup” makers and “You know…you wash those out and you can use them again…” kind of background. Don’t get me wrong. I can be the “girliest” girl at times. I like to smell nice, look pretty and I love shoes. Love shoes! I kind of feel the same way about shoes and boots that Mozart did about wigs:

But in order to have the limited amount of “nice things” I do have, I need to cut corners. And believe you me, I have learned how to do this. One of them is a secret I have been somewhat quiet about for the past two years. It lives in my shower. It flies in the face of “decadence.” And it saves animals. But

I’m gong to tell you now. “Does she or doesn’t she?”

Why yes! Yes. I do. I use Dawn liquid dish soap as a shower scrub and as a shampoo.

I can hear you now:

I don’t know how much Dawn liquid is. All I know is that I can get a pant load of it on sale for about a fifth of what I would pay for “Designer” stuff at the “Shower Store” at the mall. How much is shower liquid? I don’t know. If someone gives me some as a gift, it makes me happy. I love sandalwood. But I’m not about to shell out 12 bucks for a bottle of the stuff so I can smell like it while I’m battling with people about turning off their electronic devices on a 757 to Caracas. I really don’t think it’s worth the investment.

And to be honest? As long as I’m clean, I simply don’t give a damn. Dawn also has its own wonderful properties. First of all, they use it to help clean up wildlife. I like that. And if you think about it, if it can clean up an oily pelican, don’t you think it will clean your “bits and pieces?”

It smells clean, it feels good and it works. Relatively speaking, it’s cheap. It doesn’t dry you out like bar soap does and you step out of the shower feeling good about yourself and about pelicans. Now if it works on an oil-soaked penguin, why wouldn’t it work on you?

I know it sounds weird. But trust me. It works. It smells good and lathers up a storm. You don’t need much so it goes a LONG way.  Makes you feel positively “fluffy.” It does the job. They support a great cause. What’s not to like?

I like the Dawn people because of what they have done. There’s a lot more otters, pelicans and other creatures alive today due to the Dawn people.

So, if you think about it, you’re not only saving money, you’re helping to clean up wildlife we screwed up. Now get out there and buy some Dawn, drag it into your shower, lather up and save some money. Long live suds!