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July 2011

Results of the “Words I Hate” Contest

The skies were dark this week as I received entry after entry of horrible words that unfortunately were so great it about killed me.  I painfully agonized, debated various attributes and tried to keep my own prejudices against certain words... Continue Reading →

My Facebook Groups

Over the years, I have been "invited" to many, many Facebook groups. This means I was just put in quite a few of these groups without being asked. I don't particularly mind, but I just don't have a lot of... Continue Reading →

G-r-e-y Or G-r-a-y?

An article that was published at the BIRD CHANNEL:  G-r-e-y Or G-r-a-y?.

I Like What Works

Over the years, I have tried different types of bird supplements for my birds. I think it’s smart to add a vitamin supplement to a bird’s diet. Even though my Greys have  a very nutritious daily menu, I still sprinkle... Continue Reading →

More Words I Hate (And a Contest!)

Original post titled, "Rant" is right HERE. I mean, really. “Musings” Blech! I guess some people don’t think. Instead, they “muse.”   “Stylings” This just pisses me off. It reminds me of someone trying to come up with a description... Continue Reading →

Mac and Me

Well, you’re here. If you were in my actual home, you'd grab a Grey, a beer and put up your feet. But while you’re digitally here, let’s take a moment to see where you are. Of course you know I’m... Continue Reading →

Sweating Up a Haz Mat Suit

I went to interview Oscar again. It’s always a pleasure to go visit Oscar, but it’s a real pain in the keester having to do what I have to do after I visit her. Oscar is a lovely little cockatoo... Continue Reading →

The Parrot Nation Manifesto

"Ich bin ein jelly doughnut." I like the idea of having a manifesto: manifesto |ˌmanəˈfestō| noun ( pl. -tos) a public declaration of policy and aims, esp. one issued before an election by a political party or candidate. ORIGIN mid... Continue Reading →

Not All Who Enter Are Looking For Parrots

My blog is However, I have to have somebody host my blog and look after this insanity or I never would have gotten this thing off the ground. I use WordPress. I could have gone with an assortment of... Continue Reading →

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