My blog is However, I have to have somebody host my blog and look after this insanity or I never would have gotten this thing off the ground. I use WordPress. I could have gone with an assortment of other blogging formats, but I chose WordPress because they were proven, I liked the formats, and they had a good reputation. I also liked the name. The other names left me a little cold and I just thought the whole style of WordPress was kind of classy.

Well, anyway, they have some real cool tools you can use that are in the background; a dashboard that gives you site stats, breaks the stats down for you, offers upgrades, and keeps track of your media. It’s where you write new posts, add links and pages, and control the look of your blog. It’s kind of neat.

One of the stats available are the terms that were used when people were searching for content and found me. Some of them are pretty funny.

Now of course, most of the people putting in search terms are looking for information about birds, but some of these are kind of interesting. Please note: the spelling has not been altered.

my ambition is to be stewardess essay,     heidenreich harpy,     what are lentils,    hornbills for sale,  

chewed up nails,    do parrots sweat,    parrott writing in bird form,   love happens rocky cacadoo,      

“two little red bottoms,”     barley trying to give a damn,  can a macaw be a starter bird,  deadline,

 beer or chew you choose?,    can you burn stuff in the microwave,    clothing for parrot people,                    

how to understand bird talk,     people who blog mommy lives children,  carrot,   poop in the streets,

  parrot crabs,        “parrot nation” blob,      fine ass,   parrot poop bags,   vickies nightmare,     pork & beans can,

 destruction in love,      parrot parafinalia,       baby potato head,      union cut hair,     parroy nation,  

parrot buckle outer wire traction,      want to be in a movie,  the go getter,    can a macaw eat twizzlers

when i try to clean floor of indoor bird mess (seed hulls, seed, droppings) everything just blows around,  

cast iron parrot,  blow up pools,  i am blind without glasses,    shower curtain parrot,  disgusting teenagers

 einstein atom bomb graffiti,  a worm called bumpy off timmy time,  krypto smell.

I think I’m going to have to get a better handle on tagging my posts.