Now this was a fresh day in hell for me. I woke up looking like I had a softball stuck under my chin. I had already had the mumps as a child so I knew it wasn’t that. I don’t recommend “googling” your symptoms because you will walk away from the computer completely convinced you are on the road to the coroner’s office any second. I got a hold of my Doctor and he managed to squeeze me and my oversized throat into his packed schedule. Noah knows I’m not a whiner and if I was calling him at the last minute he figured something was really wrong. His first words to me when he saw me? :

“Now that’s impressive! Jesus, Patricia, what happened to you?”

Now I love Noah, my Doctor. Miserable as I was, he got a laugh out of me.

Turns out the swelling was a lymph node infection. How did it happen? He doesn’t have any idea and neither do I. But he whacked it out with these horse pill sized antibiotics. I was supposed to fly the next day and knew damn well that wasn’t happening so I called my friend Rosalee who got the Fort Lauderdale Flight Attendant “Mafia Phone Tree” shaking and within an hour, my trips for the next three days were covered. Gotta love those guys! Later on I was thanking a couple of the Flight Attendants who covered my trips for me and they said everyone jumped on the trips because Rosalee told them on the phone that I sounded like I was dying. Within two days, the swelling was gone but those pills had me running to the bathroom every hour or so with the dry heaves. And the headache? I thought my head was going to explode.  Maisy went along to witness each “Bathroom Visit” occasion. She acted like all she needed was a theater seat and a box of popcorn. Despite this wreckage, I still managed to get Maisy outside. Those trips kept my mind off the nausea. Maisy was excellent company while I was mending and actually took a spot on the carpet right next to the couch. I think she knew something was wrong.


2.27- 2.29 .2008

Dear Mom,

Lady wasn’t feelin’ so hot these last few days. Turns out she got an infection in her Lymph nodes and is on killer antibiotics and her neck is all “blowed” up like she has the mumps. So by the time she was done with the Doctor’s Office (I guess it’s like the Vets…only no dogs.) and the CT scan, and taking care of me, she couldn’t help me write my letters. So I just waited…

She’s feeling better this evening. She’ll be okay. But the pills she takes make her nauseous and give her a screaming headache. But I still managed to convince her to bring me up today at 12:30 and I got to go out 4 whole times. Yeah! I pooped only 3 times. By the last time at about 8, I think I was all crapped out.

I sniffed around and oh Yeah! I found a bone! Can you believe that! A bone! I was extra good today because Lady just lay on the couch between running to the bathroom to blow cookies…

I could tell she wasn’t feelin’ so good. Usually I get to play a little. Today we didn’t play. But I did stop by the couch for some butt scratches. I did a little investigation work for her and found that she had left a part of a English muffin in the trash can. How did that get in there? That wasn’t supposed to be in there! So I rescued it. And I ate it. I got “the Look” from Lady again and “Maisy No!” So I didn’t try it again. (Well, there wasn’t anything else in there anyway…talk about ungrateful…try and rescue a muffin and I get the “Maisy, no” thing again…just tryin’ to do my job…Maisy, no! Maisy no!…no use complaining I guess.)

But I had fun anyway. No I did! I got to go out. Got butt scratches and got to walk pretty. It was a quiet kind of day. Not much excitingness going on except for the bathroom cookie toss part. That was interesting…I walked to the bathroom with her every time. Such Drama!

Well, anyway, I’m sorry Lady didn’t get to helping me write the letter that you are missing and so we are combining 2 count ‘em two in one. She brought the one from earlier in the week. She wrote it but then her printer went bonkers.

Well, Bye.

I’ll see you when I get home. Lady says to tell you I was extra good. Yeah! Well, other than the muffin rescue…Lady will talk to you this weekend.