Maisy and Mattie really began getting along. Mattie would be out on the front porch leisurely wagging her tail and waiting for us when I went down to get Maisy. I would let Maisy go at the elevator and she would gallop to the door. When I finally caught up to her, there they would be, nose to nose through the screen. When I did laundry, Maisy would walk with me and watch. Mattie didn’t really like doing laundry so this was strictly Maisy’s job and she dutifully walked back and forth while I changed the loads.

They began working together like professional Shakespearean actors. They’d sit next to each other and stare at me if I was eating. It was like having a guilt trip in stereo.


Dear Mom,

Well, I went to Lady’s house again. Did you plan this? It’s just lookin’ pretty suspicious that I get to go to her house a lot and this morning I got to go way early. I’d been outside twice by Noon! (?)  Mattie isn’t even s’prised to see me anymore. No! She’s not!

We have a pretty good routine and my walking is getting better and better. I know better than to pull Lady any more. She just stops and then we don’t go anywhere until I get it right that we’re going to walk “pretty”.  Mattie doesn’t care. That short legged dog could stand there all day and she wouldn’t pitch a fit. Not me! I want to go! Out! Out! Out! Out is fun! Out is cool! Out is the entire point of being a dog! But then you know what happens? Guess….. No really…Guess !…..Are you guessing?…… ‘Cause I’ll wait…..You ready?

Going In is Fun! Going in is cool! Going up and in and being able to walk by myself is the entire point of being a “Maisy Dog!”

You know Mom, I don’t care if I’m in or out…it doesn’t matter. I just get to do stuff. Well, it’s not much, I mean I’m just me, but I do have my jobs you know…and that’s pretty important in my book.

Lady found another quote that she liked very much. And it’s about me!


Dogs love company. They place it first in their short list of needs.

  • J.R. Ackerley

So that kind of explains why I don’t mind going up to see Lady and that short dog, Mattie. Mattie’s okay. We get along pretty well and have learned to work together in the making Lady feel guilty about the “no snack” thing. Mattie and I sit next to each other, and except for a little elbowing each other for position, in tandem, we can stare at Lady for as long as it takes…or at least until one of us gets bored. That’s kinda quick because when there’s no food left, there’s no food. No reason to hang around.  We just both give a big sigh to add to the guilt and go lie down looking kind of all starving-like. Makes her feel just awful. We love it!

I got to help lady with her laundry today. I walked to the room with the machines with her! And no leash! Yeah!  And I stayed right by her. Lady calls it an off-leash “heel”. (?) Then when she was getting her stuff I got bored and walked back to the door on the end there. And Mattie was there waiting for me. I got to do that a few times and it was fun because I got to go out and go back in and go back out and go back in and it felt like we were dong something even though we really didn’t go anywhere. It was just laundry, but I helped and by the way that’s another job you need to put on my list of jobs I do all day.

Lady said she’s feeling better so that was good to see.  So, yeah. And guess what! I found a bone!

So yeah, I went out a lot today…pooped 3 times…can you believe that? I’m getting so good at it. Yeah!

So anyway, I missed you today again. It’s okay, I know how things are.  I’m pretty busy with all my jobs and stuff too, so it’s not like I’m pining or anything. I just know that you’re not here.  But I get to see you tonight, so that’s good and stuff.

Well, bye.

See you tonight, okay?