Occasionally, Beverly went out of town for the weekend and she would leave Maisy with me. At first, Maisy was a little confused because she hadn’t really slept here overnight before. This resulted in Maisy not quite being able to settle in and get comfortable at first. But we all worked it out and she then became an old hand at weekend “Doggy Camp.”


“The Saga”

Or “My Weekend at Lady’s”

Dear Mom,

Well! What a nice long weekend I had. The first night was a bit odd because I didn’t quite know where to sleep. Up. Down. Up. Down. Out to the living room. On the bed for 2 hours sleeping like a drunk on a street corner right next to Mattie. Then I was up again. What am I doing here? I don’t sleep on beds!

Down. Now I settle on my little bed next to Lady’s. Nope. Not good. Out to the living room. Not quite right. Up. Back to the bedroom. I finally settle on the cool tile in the bathroom under an open window. Best!

The next day, Lady looked like she lost her mind and Mattie, (you know…the short one…) and I got up at three! (?) Yeah! Well, not sure what that means, but it was early! Still dark out and stuff. Well, you know me; I could go out in a hurricane, so I made her happy and went. Yeah! And so it went.

One day it stormed. Lady couldn’t believe it and was talking to a friend of hers on the phone and told her friend all the noise was “Thunder” and that it was “storming like a bastard”.  I didn’t much like it and stayed in the office where I was away from the front door. I stayed there until the thunder and lightning went away. Then I popped right out like nothing happened. Lady didn’t know I was afraid of storms. I don’t’ shake or anything. I just stay real quiet and stay away. But I’m always okay so I guess it was okay, so…okay!

The next night I learned that it was okay to sleep in the bedroom on my bed, as long as Lady didn’t get up. But wow…we were up again real early. But I didn’t mind because I was going out like …oh, I don’t know…all the time I guess. I learned that it was really okay to nap and stuff. I didn’t have to look at everything all the time.

So I got lots of brushings on my furs and I found many bones, and I went out. And I’ve been walking very nice next to Lady without my leash to take the garbage out. And then we go right back.

So between the garbage-taking-out, and the laundry-doing and the walking to the outside, I got a lot of mileage in.

It was really okay, Mom.  I just sort of settled down and got to understand that I could just hang out and be myself. Oh, I did my jobs and stuff like I think I’m supposed to, but I can just not worry about stuff and I can nap and not wake up when Lady gets home from work. I mean, give me a break, last night I was up at 2! Yeah! It was “Daylight savings account time!”  Yeah!

Lady was mad as a wet hen because it screwed her up and she said she couldn’t sleep and now she is “dog-tired”. Boy, don’t I know about that!

But it was fun and I was a very good girl. Lady and Mattie and I got a nap in this afternoon, so it was okay. Lady said she had a head-ache but that would go away as soon as she got un-dehydrated from all the flyin’. Yeah!

So it was fun and I was fine. We watched movies and Lady tried to ‘splain the plot to me, and I looked interested because I really don’t care what she says to me, as long as she talks to me. And boy does she talk! Wow! But then when I get tired she is as quiet as a mouse and she even tells Parker and Pepper to “put a sock in it” because I’m getting a quick nap in. A couple of times she came home and I didn’t even wake up. Boy, I sure am busy here! I get tired. But once I learned where I like to sleep, it was easy.

I sure do miss you and I’ll see you when you get home. Thanks for the nice doggy-camp weekend and I hope you had as good a time as I did.