Say “Hello” to Yvonne! And that is “Crazy,” her female Hooded Crow (Corvus Cornix). Yvonne lives in Locarno, Switzerland, and she found Crazy lying in a heap on the ground in the Spring of 2009. Crazy had a “Scissor Beak,” (a condition where the upper beak is not straight and does not meet correctly over the lower beak.) and a malformed leg. Yvonne and her boyfriend took Crazy to an Avian Vet who repaired her leg and after three days she went home with Yvonne. Crazy might have gotten tossed out of her nest due to her malformations or she might have gotten blown out. No one knows. No matter, Crazy most likely wouldn’t have made it if it weren’t for Yvonne. As it stands, Crazy has a beautiful home and gets lots of time with her family. Obviously Crazy is one smart bird! Crows are smart and not only use tools but they can make them. Check out this video of a crow bending a wire to fish out an object in a tube:

She loves playing with the toys Yvonne provides for her.

Apparently, she adjusted to living with humans just fine and adores playing with Yvonne’s hair.

Crazy gets a ton of attention from Yvonne and has that thing for toys. I wish my Grey, Pepper played as much as Crazy seems to:

Lots and lots of toys!

The little dude seems to be fond of paper:

And cheese:

I guess she just loves cheese! Well, that’s one thing my birds and Crazy have in common.

In the United States, wild birds are protected by most state laws, and you can be charged or fined for keeping a wild bird in captivity. But Crazy lives in Switzerland and with her scissor beak and all, I doubt very much Crazy would manage on her own in the wild, so she’s better off where she is. Crazy is quite popular on Facebook because, well, not everyone has a crow, you know.