Maisy had settled into a routine and just to mix it up a little, I gave her a bath. She needed one with all of our ramming around outside and I had the time, so I went ahead and gave her one. She seemed to really enjoy it.  She was just so calm in the water. She just stood there and let me shampoo her. I had been gone about 5 or 6 days as my Uncle had passed away and I had to attend his funeral in Maryland. So it was good to see Maisy again.



Dear Mom,

Well, in case you hadn’t noticed, I’m back upstairs. Yeah! And I got a bath today! Yeah! It was fun. Lady said I was very much “A Champ” (?) and didn’t wiggle at all. I had so much fun slopping around in the water, when the water got low; I just laid down in it because it felt very good-ish. I also got a brushing. Boy, was I hairy! Lady ‘splained to me that you don’t have much time because you are doing great things in the world and it was okay that she brushed me. She said that her great thing in the world was typing on that box and brushing me. Did you ever notice how strange people are? Well, they are…just take a look for yourself sometime and you’ll see.

Went out a bunch, and I’m walking like a dream. Lady broke down and gave me a treat after the bath because I was such a Champ. But it was a good treat.

Hey! I found a bone! Can you believe it? Mattie…you know…the short one? She seemed very happy to see me. We sniffed and greeted and do all of those dog things people just don’t get.

Lady is beat. She had to get up early right after all that bad business up North and she just wants to feel not so tired, but she is going to take me out tomorrow even thought you aren’t doing the late thing again. Lady said she missed me something awful. Isn’t that nice? I like being appreciated. It isn’t like being with you but she says she isn’t a bad substitute considering that she takes me out and stuff. So I say okay!

Lady said to say not to worry about next month. She thinks it’s going to be okay on the schedule again as she has all kinds of stuff to choose from for a change. Isn’t that great? So I get to come up again next month! Yeah!

Well, Lady is tired as hell and has to make food for the birdies or they will be like orphans or something, so I gotta go. But I will see you tonight. Well, okay!